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EAM series extraction mantle

EAM series extraction mantle

$75,000.00 – $110,000.00


These extraction mantle are designed for use in distillation,extraction and kjeldahl works

Each opening has temp. regulator by bimetallic thermo controller

The casing is made of stainless steel with excellent chemical resistance

Moulded silica insulation is achieved the surface temperature are very low


  1. Glassware set
  2. With stirring function ( EAMS series)
  3. Digital display ( EAMD series)


Model Capacity Heating Dimension /Weight
EAM-9201-03 100ml x 3 80Wx3 450x240x80 /4.6Kg
EAM-9202-03 250ml x 3 150Wx 3 520x260x95/5.BKg
EAM-9203-03 500ml x 3 260Wx 3 580x280x105/ 6.7Kg
EAM-9204-03 1000ml x 3 350Wx 3 670x310x115/ 7.9Kg
EAM-9201-06 100ml x 6 80Wx6 950x240x80 / 9.2Kg
EAM-9202-06 250ml x 6 150Wx6 1040x260x95 / 11.6Kg
EAM-9203-06 500ml x 6 260Wx6 1150x280x105 / 13.5Kg
EAM-9204-06 1000ml x 6 350Wx 6 1340x310x150 / 15.BKg
-Max. temp.range : 450°C

Max. stirring speed : 100 – 1200 rpm (EAMS series only)

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