Soxhlet apparatus, Behr KEX 250


The Behr R 104S-SK Soxhlet Extractor with single-row sample arrangement is an inexpensive and practical solution for classic Soxhlet and fat extraction.
Distinctive features of R-series Soxhlet extraction machines:
– Each place is regulated separately.
– Water cooling system contributes to uniform cooling.
– Convenient stand to store the cooler between extractions.
– Clamps for secure fastening of individual parts of the apparatus after removing the sample container.
– Models “S”: equipped with an additional tap, which eliminates the need for distillation after extraction.
Technical characteristics of the apparatus for Soxhlet extraction Behr R 104S-SK:
– Voltage: 230 V
– Frequency: 50/60 Hz
– Power: 1500 W
– Weight: 15 kg
– Dimensions (LxWxH): 53x32x74 cm
– Expansion in a row into 4 samples
– Extractor volume: 100 ml
– Flat-bottomed flasks


  • Extractor Behr EZ 100, 100 ml
  • Extractor Behr EZ 100H, 100 ml, with tap
  • Reflux condenser Behr RFK 100, NS45
  • Extraction thimbles Behr EX 100HS, 25 / pack
  • Behr RIP6 extraction thimble stand, for 6 thimbles, diameter up to 38 mm