Soxhlet apparatus with tap, Behr KEX 100F


Behr Soxhlet Extractors are a good choice to meet the demands of modern laboratories.
Using the hydrolysis module (1, 4 or 6 places), it is possible to digest samples with acid before extraction (determination of the total fat content by the Weibull-Stoldt method).
Distinctive features of Behr Soxhlet extractors:
– Volume from 30 ml to 2000 ml
– Compact apparatus for one flask
– Apparatus with in-line arrangement for 4 or 6 places
– The design of the extractors with a specially designed curved tube allows to achieve a uniform process at all locations …
– Thanks to the tap, additional distillation is eliminated.
Fully equipped compact extraction systems include:
– Main stand (stand)
– Heating device
– Mountings
– Hoses
– Glass apparatus (reaction flask, extractor with tap, Dimroth cooler).
Technical characteristics of the Behr KEX 100F Soxhlet extraction apparatus:
– Voltage: 230 V
– Frequency: 50/60 Hz
– Power: 450 W
– Weight: 7.5 kg
– Dimensions (LxWxH): 23x33x80 cm
– Extractor volume: 100 ml
– Extractor with tap


  • Behr stand AM100 / 94 for 100 ml round bottom flask, Al
  • Extractor Behr EZ 100H, 100 ml, with tap
  • Reflux condenser Behr RFK 100, NS45
  • Extraction thimbles Behr EX 100HS, 25 / pack
  • Behr RIP6 extraction thimble stand, for 6 thimbles, diameter up to 38 mm