Soxhlet extraction apparatus

Soxhlet Extraction Systems

Use these soxhlet extraction systems to extract soluble components from a solid sample into an organic solvent. Place a soil sample in the thimble and heat the solvent contained in the flask. As the solvent vapors rise (passing through the extraction thimble), they enter the water-cooled condenser, and reliquify. When the liquid level in the extractor reaches the top of the siphon tube, siphoning action returns the extract-enriched solvent to the flask.
Soxhlets are made of low extractable borosilicate glass and come complete with extractor, condenser, and flask. Model 99036-00 has screw thread connections; models 99036-10 and -20 have ground glass joints. An extraction thimble is required to support the sample within the extractor….

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