Stability test chamber,  SHH series


#Stability test chamber,  SHH series; 150L to 1000L


  • The SHH series stability testing chamber has three functions; temperature setting, humidity setting and data recording, it is suitable for stability test of food, medicine, chemical products, cosmetics and other products.
  • With automatic defrosting function, it can work continuously without shutdown for more than 2 years.
  • Appling principle: ICH harmonized tripartite guideline
  • Q1A_R2”stability testing of new drug substances and products”


Product name: SHH series stability test chamber , 150L to 1000L
Model: SHH-150SD SHH-250SD SHH-500SD SHH-800SD SHH-1000SD
Brand: Taisite
Origin: USA
Temperature fluctuation: 0~80°C
Humidity fluctuation: 20~98%R.H
Chamber Size

(DxWxH) size:

470x500x600 600x550x750 720x720x950 850x750x1200 900x850x1300
150L 250L 500L 765L 1000L
External size: 880x680x1240 1000x680x1550 1150x860x1800 1300x920x1900 1300x1020x1950
Power supply: 220V,50Hz; 1P or, 110V, 50Hz, 1P
1.5Kw 2Kw 2.5Kw 2.5Kw 3.5Kw
Material: External material Printed cold-rolled steel plate
Test area material SUS 304 stainless steel
Isolation material Superfine glass wool
Window Automatically defrosting window on the door
Control: Controller LED touch screen or digital display intellectual temperature & humidity controller
With PID which automatically corrects the temperature and humidity deviation
Operational mode Fix and constant
Humidity sensor Humidity transmitter
Temp. sensor PT100 temperature sensor
Printer A printer on the controlling panel. It continuously prints test data, including actual temperature, target temperature, actual humidity, target humidity test time
USB (Optional) USB through which test data is continuously downloaded into U disk
RS 232 (Optional) RS-232 interface through which the user may control, monitor and view test data on computer
Temperature: Compressor Secop hermetic compressor imported from Denmark
Cooling mode Air cooling
Condenser Domestically-made Condenser
Evaporator Domestically-made evaporator
Other cooling parts Electric valve imported from Denmark
Humidity: Humidifier Built-in stream boiler
Water system Built-in plastic water tank and automatic water pump
Heater Nickel-cadmium heater
Others: Safety protection Overheat, leakage, overpressure, overload, shout circuit protector
Mobile alarm (Optional) Abnormal test data mobile phone alarm
Test hole Diameter 50mm or 100mm test hole
Self Movable  stainless steel self (2 levels)
Lamp Test area lamp, view window
Special service 3Q(IQ/PQ/OQ)verification documents
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