Standard sand BS 4550

Sable normalise sand BS 4550#Standard sand BS 4550#Sand BS 4550

Standard sands for mortar cubes
BS 4550 – part 6

Method for testing cements


The sand is composed of natural siliceous sand. It has a water content of less than 0.1%. The constituent grains of these sands are uncrushed and have a rounded shape. It is packaged in a 25 kg bag.


The granularity of the sand is fixed by standard BS 4550 – part 6. The average production control is:

BS 4550: part 6
Tamis a mailles carrees (mm) Passants cumules (%)
0,85 100
0,8 90.5
0,63 9.6
0,6 4.7
0,5 0
0,4 0

These checks are carried out by the SNL laboratory. They are the subject of a certificate per delivery.

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