Sulfur lentils

Sulfur in lentils

In order to improve the working conditions in the concrete laboratory, we offer sulfur in lenses.

This sulfur solves many problems:

Conditions de travail Disparition des odeurs
Disparition des poussieres
Conditions de stockage et transport, l’absence de poudre permet Un stockage autorise plus eleve
Un transport normal sans condition
Conditions de livraison Sac de papier a valve de 25 Kg
Palettes de 10a 48 sacs
  • The sulfur in lentils is guaranteed with a sulfur rate greater than 99.5% (minimum 99.7%).
  • It has the advantage, compared to powdered sulfur, of having a strong reduction in odor and a low level of dust.
  • It is not subject to regulatory transport and storage constraints.
  • It does not require special permissions.
  • Storage is not limited.


  • We offer sulfur in lenses in 25 Kg bags that are easy to handle.
  • We offer the product in pallets of 2 to 40 bags protected by a plastic film.
  • On request, you can be delivered by truck fitted with a tailgate.


Determination Unite Value Observations
Aspect Particulara jaunes
Richesse exprimee en soufre % 20-28 minimum
Richesse exprimee en soufre % 99.5 minimum
Contenu en cendres % 0.1 Maximum
Humidity % 0.5 Maximum
Arsenic, Tellure, Selenium % 0 Maximum
Limite de stockage Annee 4 Maximum
Danger voir fiche de securite


  • Sulfur in lentils
  • Sand for sulfur sand mixture
  • Sand MBE (Equivalent Concrete Mortar)
  • Sand standards according to DIN or ASTM
  • UKAS 22 standard sand
  • Sand EN 480-13
  • 0/20 sand standardized to EN 1766 2000-03
  • Sand on demand
  • Sulfur mortar Type BP 18-416
  • Sulfur mortar Type AP 18-416
    Sulfur mortar NF 12390-3
  • Sulfur flower
  • Supplier and seller in Bangladesh is Elite Scientific & Meditech Co.
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