Surface water test kit_HACH


#Surface water test kit_HACH

Brand: HACH, USA


The ideal tool for source water monitoring and wastewater treatment plants, this kit uses drop count titration and color disc methods to provide economical, easy-to-use tests for ammonia (0-2.4 mg/L), chlorine (0-3.4 mg/L), pH (0-14), nitrate (0-40 mg/L), dissolved oxygen (0.2-20 mg/L), phosphorus (0-40 mg/L), and temperature. The rugged, lightweight kit includes the convenient pH Pocket Pro™ Tester and all necessary apparatus and reagents for testing.


  • Ideal tool for both industrial and municipal water treatment plants
  • Accurate, economical drop count titration and color disc methods
  • Rugged, lightweight kit includes everything you need to get started

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