Surgical Suture and Bandaging Model, XC-471, ESMC, Xinch, China

Product Name: 
XC-471 Surgical Suture and Bandaging Model
Product No:  XC-471
Origin: China
Material:  PVC
Description: The simulator provides commonly used surgical incisions, which simulate al l kinds of female thoracic and abdominal incisions, tube drains and amputation stump. Students can practice wounds treatments of washing, disinfecting, changing dressing, bandaging and etc.
Simulator features the following simulated wounds:
1. Thyroidectomy
2. Mid-sternal split – with two chest tube drains
3. Right mastectomy – wi th simulated drain
4. Right cholecystectomyn – with simulated T-tube
5. Laparotomy
6. Appendectomy
7. Left colostomy
8. Right ileostomy
9. Abdominal Hysterectomy (transverse incision)
10. Left nephrectomy (thoracoabdominal incision)
11. Right nephrectomy (oblique incision)
12. Laminectomy
13. Sacral decubitus ulcer – stage 2
14. Right thigh amputation stump
Packing:  1pcs/carton, 79x48x26.5cm, 8.5kgs
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