Corrosion Cell Kit


Brand: WonATech-ZIVE LAB

The CCK series corrosion cell kit is based on a standard glass reaction flask, 1 liter, 500 ml or 100ml. All wetted parts are made of chemically resistant materials such as Teflon, Pyrex and SUS 316. The standard cell configuration consists of a cylindrical metal sample working electrode, a graphite rod, a counter  electrode, a gas bubbling tube, and a reference electrode in a Luggin capillary. A graphite rod as counter electrode, a reference electrode and a flat specimen holder could be ordered separately as an option. The water-jacketed type corrosion cell kit and alkaline resistance cell kit made with Teflon are also available.

Available modes:

CCK1 Corrosion Cell Kit, 1 liter, Standard Type Does not include electrodes
CCK01 Corrosion Cell Kit, 100ml, Standard Type Consisting of: Gas bubbler, Cell top, & Cell clamp Does not include electrodes
CCK01T Corrosion Cell Kit, 100ml, Standard Type Teflon vial Consisting of: Does not include electrodes
CCK05 Corrosion Cell Kit, 500ml, Standard Type Does not include electrodes
WCCK1 Corrosion Cell Kit, 1 liter, Water-jacketed Type Does not include electrodes
WCCK05 Corrosion Cell Kit, 500ml, Water-jacketed Type

Parts Included:
1. Cell Vial Pyrex®, O-ring type beaker, 1L, Ø103(OD)*157(H)
2. Cylindrical Metal Sample & Tube Steel / Quartz tube, Ø6.35* Ø4.35
3. Cell Clamp Stainless steel
4. Luggin Capillary Pyrex®
5. Bubbler Adapter Gas Inlet Pyrex®
6. Cell Top Teflon®
7. Other miscellaneous such as stopper / O-ring MC Nylon® / Viton®