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Silica Analyzer



Waltron’s 3041 Silica Analyzer is the first choice for online analysis of dissolved silica in ultrapure water applications.

The 3041 is trusted world wide to deliver accurate and reliable readings with minimal maintenance and low total cost of ownership. Common application points in a boiler system for online silica measurement include: make-up water, condensate, boiler feedwater, saturated steam/main steam and cooling water.


0 – 500ppb, 0 – 5ppm; 0 – 150ppm, 0 – 300ppm

+/– 1 ppb or +/– 2% of reading, whichever is greater

+/– 1 ppb or +/– 2% of reading, whichever is greater

Sampling Frequency (Cycle Time)
One reading every 20 mins, adjustable

Required Maintenance
Monthly or quarterly replenish reagents; Quarterly replace tubing

Reagent Consumption (approximate)
3 reagents, 2L each per month (optional 7.5L for 3 months)

Sensor Classification
Colorimetric with glass flowcell and LED source

10-45°C analyzer (50-113°F)

Ambient Temperature Range
10-45°C analyzer (50-113°F)

Atmospheric Pressure Range
No Limits

Up to 90% not condensable

Unit Dimensions
Height=23.6”(60 cm), Width=15”(38 cm), Depth=8.3”(21 cm)

Positioning and Installation Details
Wall mounting, bench supported, or panel mounting (optional)

17 kg (37.5 lbs.

Degree of Protection
IP55 (NEMA 4): Wet section, IP65 (NEMA 4x): Electronics

2 or 4 configurable alarm relays (Result, loss of sample, fault)

Power Supply (on request)
110-220Vac, 50-60 Hz 80 VA

Certification (on request)
Meets low voltage and low electromagnetic compatibility directives

Temperature Range
5-55º C (41-131º F)

Inlet Sample
100–500 ml/min, atmospheric, flexible tubing O.D. 1/4″(6mm)

Outlet Sample
Atmospheric, waste tubing O.D. 3/8″(9mm)


Sample Conditioning Requirements
Filtering between 10 and 60 micron, depending on the matrix, needed only to avoid clogging.

Materials in Contact with Sample
Glass, Silicone, Plexiglass, Stainless Steel AISI 316


Analog Outputs
4-20mA (galvanic isolator module available as option) or 0-5V)

Serial I/O for Signals
Serial data output RS232; RS485; MODBUS; PROFIBUS

Single/Multi Point
Multi-Point: zero and mid range

Matrix Corrections
Yes, sample blank correction



Direct Connect Weather Station (RS232)



WeatherHawk 232 Direct Connection weather stations are preconfigured to measure wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation and rainfall. All optional user software selections enable display of sensor information.

The WeatherHawk weather station is designed for easy installation and use by consumers, educators, students, and resource managers. WeatherHawk is ideal for applications where ease of installation and use are key factors. WeatherHawk is preprogrammed to provide simple meteorological data, including the complex calculation of ETo (evapotranspiration) typically used for landscape and crop management. WeatherHawk also conforms to many existing home automation protocols