Electronic thermometers -200…+1200°C


Multi functional digital thermometer with two connections for probes and unlimited ranges of application in laboratories, research and development. Clear operation facility due to the membrane keyboard, big display, precise measuring results

hold function max/min function 0,01°C ↔ 0,1°C

Range -200…+1200°C
Resolution 0,01°C
± 0,02°C → -20… +100°C
Battery 9V 6F22 single-block battery
Battery Life ca. 200 h
Casing 200 x 68 x 35 mm
Precise Pt 100 probes of stainless steel
Type Dimensions* Response time
Immersion, Piercing or
Air Probe
150 x 3,0mm T90= 8 – 18 sec.

*Many other dimensions as special designs are possible!

Precise Pt 100 probes of glass
Type Dimensions Immersion Depth Response Time Accessories
Immersion Probe 180 x 6,5 or 8,5mm
180 x 3,0mm
ca. 30mm T90= 20 sec. Adjustable ground joint metal ferrules to fit ASTM
High temperature probe of stainless steel for type K/NiCr-Ni
Type Dimensions Response Time
Immersion Probe 140 x 3,0mm T90= 15sec.
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