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Anatomy Warehouse, with more than 30 years of experience in the medical education industry, is the world’s premier supplier of human anatomical models, anatomy and educational charts, and healthcare simulation models. Our product offering includes anatomical models, anatomy charts, manikins and simulators, 3D printed models, and virtually everything students and educators need to deliver world-class education and healthcare. In addition to offering the largest selection of anatomy products online, we are a trusted supplier to the biggest names in healthcare, including the US Government and Military, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and numerous leading medical schools, including Harvard Medical School. Best seller & Supplier in Bangladesh Elite Trade BD, Elite Scientific & Meditech Co.

Product Range:

The Prostate Gland Chart, Chart Endocrine Glands, Lymphatic System Chart, Nervous System Chart, The Respiratory System Chart, Human Brain Chart, Foot and Joints of Foot Chart, Hand and Wrist Chart, The Human Skulls Chart, Pregnancy Chart, Childbirth Chart, Vertebral /Spinal Column Chart, Diseases Digestive System Chart, Decubitus Ulcers Chart, Arthritis Chart, Hepatitis Chart, Hypertension Chart, The Skin Chart, The Female Breast Chart, The Human Skeleton Chart, Osteoporosis Chart, Shoulder and Elbow Chart, Chart Internal organs, The Human Heart Chart, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, The Respiratory System Chart, Cholesterol Chart, Diseases of the Eye Chart, Allergies Chart, Diabetesmellitus Chart, The Blood Chart, Headaches Chart, La apoplejia/ Stroke Spanish Chart, HIV y AIDS Chart, Cancer Chart, Skin Cancel Chart, Diseases of the Middle Ear Chart, The Female Breast Chart, Cancer Chart, Common Cardiac Disorders Chart, The Female Genital Organs Chart, Cancer Chart, EI embarazo Chart, EI parte Chart, Cancer Chart, COPO Chart, Alcohol Dependence Chart, The Stomach Chart, Common Cardiac Disorders Chart, Alzheimer’s Disease Chart, Parkinson’s Disease Chart, Colon Cancer Chart, Sports Injuries Chart, Human Musculature Chart, The Respiratory System Chart, Diseases Digestive System Chart, The Respiratory System Chart, Hypertension Chart, Foot and Joints of Foot Chart, Osteoporosis Chart, Arthritis Chart, The Human Skeleton Chart, Hand and Wrist Chart, Shoulder and Elbow Chart, Lymphatic System Chart, HIV and AIDS Chart, Flu {Influenza} Chart, Cancer Chart, Hepatitis Chart, Common Cardiac Disorders Chart, Diabetesmellitus Chart, Asma Chart, Arthritis Chart, Hypertension Chart, Parkinson’s Disease Chart, Nicotine Dependence Chart, Basic life Support Chart, Chart Bacteria, Chart Human Cell Structure, Chart Cell Division II, Meios, Nervous System Chart, Chart Bacteria, Child Birth, The Human Skeleton Chart, Birth Control Chart, Common Cardiac Disorders Chart, Diabetesmellitus Chart, Parkinson’s Disease Chart, Nicotine Dependence Chart, HIV and AIDS Chart, Basic Life Support Chart, Model of breast self-palpation, Skeleton Stan 5•feet Roller Stand Previous, Functional Shoulder Joint, Functional Hip Joint, Functional Knee Joint, Functional Elbow Joint, Pelvic Skeleton male, Pelvic Skeleton female, Leg skeleton with hip bone, Femur, Fibula, Tibia, Female Pelvis with Ligaments, Baby CPR Manikin, CPR Infant, Child CPR Torso, CPR Child, Leg Skeleton with hip bone, Classic Flexible Spine, Verterbral Column, Patient Care Manikin PRO, Complete CRiSis™ w, Adv.Airway Management, with Advanced Airway Management, Wound Care and Bandaging Skill Trainer, Central Venous Cannulation, Intravenous Training Arm, Designed for essential training in the procedures of blood collection, Infusion and intravenous injections, Injection Arm, I.v. Injection Arm P50/1, IV Arm- Child• 5 years old, Suture Practice Arm, Suture Practice Leg, Catheterization simulator PRO, Male Previous, Catheterization simulator PRO Female, I.m. Injection Simulator, Buttock injection simulator, Breast Self Examination model, Model of female breast, Sim. Breast Self Examination, Larynx, 2 times full-size/ Thyroid, Spinal Cord with nerve endings, Pelvis male 3-part, Childbirth Demonstration, Delivery Process Model, Pregnancy Series. 8 Models, Fetus/Embryo, RNA Model 24 Bases miniDNA® Kit, DNA Double Helix Model. 22 Segments miniDNA® Kit, Placenta, Circulatory System, Embryonic Development in 12 stages, Pregnancy Pelvis 3-Part, Child Birth, Liver with Gall Bladder, Basic life support, BLS manikin (CPR & AED simulator), AED monitor, Life size skeleton (180 cm) with stand, Skeleton (180 cm) Muscles & Ligaments, Skeleton (180 cm) Flexible, Flexible Skeleton with Ligaments, Skeleton (85 cm), Skeleton (85 cm) with Spinal Nerves Skeleton (85 cm) with Spinal Nerves & Blood Vessel, Skeleton (85 cm) with Painted Muscles, Skeleton (85 cm) with Painted Muscles, Mini Skeleton, Life size Skull, Life size Skull Painted, Life size Skull colored bones, Delux Life size Skull (Style D), Skull with 8 parts Brain, Life size Vertebrae Column with Pelvis, Vertebrae Column with Pelvis & Painted Muscles, Vertebrae Column with Pelvis & Numbered Painted Muscles, Didactic Flexible Vertebrae Column with Pelvis, Miniature Plastic Skull, Life size Vertebral column, Vertebral column with painted muscles, Didactic Vertebral column, Vertebral column disarticulate model, Life size shoulder joint, Life size muscled Shoulder joint, Life size Hip Joint, Life size Knee Joint, Life size Elbow Joint, Life size foot Joint, Life size foot Joint with Ligaments, Life size hand Joint, Life size hand Joint with Ligaments, Life size pelvis with 5 pcs Lumber Vertebrae, Half size pelvis with 5 pcs Lumber Vertebrae, Lumber set 2 Pcs, Lumber set 3 Pcs, Lumber set 4 Pcs, Life seze lumber Vertebrae with sacrum & Coccyx & Herniated, Mini Lumber Vertebrae with Sacrum & Coccyx & Herniated Disc, Thoracic Spinal Column, Life seze Upper Extremity, Life seze lower Extremity, Adult male Pelvis, Adult Female Pelvis, Female Pelvic Muscles & Organs, Life size vertebral clumn with pelvis & Femur head, vertebral clumn with pelvis & Femur heads & Painted Muscies, vertebral clumn with pelvis & Femur heads and numbered Painted Muscies, Didactic vertebral clumn with pelvis & Femur head, Flexible vertebral with removable Pelvis & Femur, Birth Demonstration, Life size pelvis with 2 Pcs Lumber Vertebrae, Disarticulated Skeleton with Skull, Cervical Vertebral Clumn with Nack Artery, Cutaway Osteoporosis, Skull with CervicalmSpine, Skull with Brain and Cervical Sspain 8 Parts, Male Torso (85 cm) 19 Parts, Male Torso (42 cm) 13 Parts, Torso (26 cm) 15 Parts, Unisex Torso (85 cm) 23 Parts, Unisex Torso (45 cm) 23 Parts, Sexless Torso (85 cm) 20 Parts, Sexless Torso (42 cm) 18 Parts, Unisex Torso (85 cm) 40 Parts, Unisex Torso (85 cm) 20 Parts, Unisex Torso (85 cm) 30 Parts, Magnified Human Lartnx, Magnified Pulmonary Alveoli, Giant Ear, Middle Ear, New Style Giant Ear, Desktop Ear, Brain, New Style Brain, Brain, Expansion of Human Teeth, Stomach, Jumbo Heart Life size Heart, New style life size heart, New style Jumbo Heart, Middle Heart, Brain with Arteries, Brain with Arterial, Brain with Arterial 9 Parts, Anatomy Nasal Cavity, Kidney, Kidney 2 Parts, Kidney with Adrenal Gland, Enlarged Kidney, Liver, Pancreas & Duodenum, Liver, Enlarge Skin, Skin Block, Skin Section, Digestive System, Giant Eye, Giant Eye A, Eye with Orbit, Expansion of Urinary Bladder, Brain with Arteries on Head, Head with Brain, Median section of the Head, Forntal Section & Median Section of the Head, Frontal section of Head, Larynx, Heart & Lung, Lung, Circulatory system, The Head, Plam Anatomy, Normal Flat & Arched Foot, Transparent Lung Segment, Male Urogenital system, Human male Pelvis section Part 1, Human male Pelvis section Part 2, Advanced Male internal & external Gental Organs, Male Gental Organ, Female Urogenital System, Female Pelvis section 1 Part, Female Pelvis section 4 Parts, Female Pelvis section 2 Part2, Advanced Female internal & external Gental Organ, Female Pelvis, Urinary system, Human (80 cm) Muscles Male (27 Parts), Human Muscles 50 cm 1 Part, Muscles of human Arm 7 parts, Muscles of Lower Limb 13 Parts, Life size human Muscle foot (7 parts), Multifunctional patient care Manikin, High quality Nurse Trainning Doll (Male), New style High quality Nurse Trainning Doll (Male), Advanced Nurse Trainning Doll (with BP Trainning Arm Male), High quality Nurse Trainning Doll (Female), New style High quality Nurse Trainning Doll (Female), Advanced Nurse trainning doll (with BP Trainning Arm Female), Advanced Multifunctional Nurching Trainning Doll, Advanced Trauma Simulator, Advance Trauma Accessories, Multifunctional patient care Manikin (Male), Course of delivery, Advanced Course of delivery, Delivery Machine, Dental Care (28 teeth), Dental Care (32 teeth), Small Dental Care (28 teeth), Small Dental Care (32 teeth), Dental Care with Cheek, Basic CPR Trainning (half Body), Half body CPR Trainninf (male), Half body CPR Trainninf (Female), Nurse Basic Practice Teaching 5 parts, Simple male Urethral catheterization simulator, Simple Female Urethral catheterization simulator, Transparent gastric lavage model, Whole body basic CPR Manikin style 100 (Male/Female), Whole body basic CPR Manikin style 200 (Male/Female), Whole body basic CPR Manikin style 500 (Male/Female), New style CPR Trainning Manikin, Whole advanced CPR Manikin style 500 (Female), Human Trachea Intubation, Advanced Human Trachea Intubation, Electronic Urinary, Advanced male Urethral Catheterization simulator, Advanced female Urethral Catheterization simulator, Transparant male Urethral Catheterization simulator, Transparant female Urethral Catheterization simulator, New Born baby, New style New Born baby, New style New Born baby model (Girl), Advanced New Born care, Advanced neonate Umbilical cord, Umbilical Cord, Tracheostomy care infant, Neonate scalp venipuncture, New born Intubation, Infant Intubation training, Gynecological Trainning simulator, Advanced maternity, Development process for ferus, The development process for ferus (half size), New born CPR Trainning manikin, Conception Guidance, Female Contraception Guidance, Male Condom Simulator ( Transparent Base), Breast Examination, Lactation Trainning model, Mid wifery trainning simulator, Dystociatrainning simulator, Infant obstruction, Child Choke, Advanced infant CPR & nursing manikin, Advanced new born nurshing model, 3-Year old child nurshing trainning doll, Child CPR Trinning manikin, Female internal & external genital organ, Buttock Injection, Electronic Buttocks injection simulator, Injectable trainning arm with set, Injectable trainning arm without set, Natural Uterus, Magnified Uterus, Advanced Suture practice arm, Advanced Suture practice leg, IV trainning hand, Electronic IV tranning hand, Wearable intramuscular injection upper-arm simulator, IV injection Pad, Suture Practice Pad, Sebaceous Cyst Excision model, Multifunctional Intramuscular injection trainning Pad, Intramuscular Injection Pad, IV injection Pad, Multifunctional IV trainning arm, Advanced Child IV trainning simulator, Advanced multifunctional IV trainning arm with electric blood circle system, Valve suturing trainning simulator, Perineum cutting and suturing trainning simulator, Advanced artificial abortion simulator uterus, Labor delivery module, Decubitus Ulcer Care, Intradermal injection simulator, Knee joint intraccavitary, Shoulder joint intracavitary injection, Advanced Intramuscular injection, Intramuscular injection, Tracheostomy simulator, Advanced adult Tracheostomy care, Assessment guidance for homestatic, Ostomy nursing, Blood pressure trainning arm, Suctioninning tra, Decubitus Ulcer Care, Decubitus Ulcer Care, Enema Administration simulator, Central Venous Puncture, Child Femoral Vein & Femoral Artery Puncture training, Lumber Puncture, Abdominal puncture, Pneumonia/Pleural drainage ( Artificaial hydrothorax) simulator, Elbow joint intracavitary injection simulator, Prostate examination simulator, Pelvimetry demonstration, Surgical Surure & Bandaging, Comprehensive surgical skills training, Knot Tying Trainer, Ingrowing Toenail Trainer, Child bone marrow Puncture & Femoral venous puncture, Infant bone marrow aspiration trainning simulator, Advanced infant full body venipuncture simulator, Advanced infant Venipuncture arm, Advanced infant Venipuncture leg, Preoperative aseptic operation trainning model, Lower stump bandaging simulator, DOG Acupuncture, HORSE Acupuncture, CATTLE Acupuncture, PIG Acupuncture, CAT Acupuncture, Monocot stem structure, Dicot srem structure, Leaf Structure, Delux Acupuncture model 178 cm, Delux Acupuncture model 84 cm, Acupuncture & Muscle model 55 cm, ECG simulator, Fertilization & Early Embryogeny, Maternal & Neonatal Delivery Emergency simulator, CPR Trainning, Infant Nursing Manikin, Half body CPR, Half body CPR Trainning Manikin, Child Skill Trainning simulator, Child Intubation, Full- function one yrar old child nursing manikin, Advanced wearable pregnant women model, I U D Trainning model, Advanced Uterus & Cervix Lesions model, Lactogen breast model, Respiratory system with pulmonary, Nurvous system, Ovary structure, 4-Stage Vertebrae, Lactation period female breast examination, Breast examination simulator, Digital remote controlled cardiopulmonary auscultation manikin, Diseased breast, Lactation breast, Concilium (Large & Small intestine), Fertilization process model, Laparoscopic simulator (Standard version), Neuron Model, Testis, 10 times enlarged, Brain model with functional region painted, Delux brain model, 1.5 times enlarged, 5th Cervic times enlargedal Vertebrae 7, Pancrease, Gallbladder Spleen, Human Kidney, Nephron & Glomerulus, Diseased ulterus/Uterus overy, Oral cavity, 4D stomach 12 parts, Ileocaecal, Caecum & Appendix, Human Anal Canal model, Sympathetic nerve system, Fertilization & Early Embryonic development, Cerebellum englarged 2 parts, DNA structure, Protein model, Visible Pregancy torso, The Development process for fetus

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