BOD analyzer, PASTEL UV


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We present to your attention Aqualabo BOD analyzer.

Analyzer for COD BOD TOC TSS NO3 without reagent PASTEL UV
Field BOD Analyzer PASTEL UV Secomam (Aqualabo); without reagent
Portable multi-parameter meter (BOD, COD, TOC, TSS)


Small, portable multi-parameter meter, can measure 6 parameters: organic parameters (BOD, COD, TOC, TSS), special parameters (NO3, detergent) – Analyze all water type: waste water, natural water, process water, consumer water.


  • Small, portable multi-parameter meter, measuring 6 parameters: organic parameters (BOD, COD, TOC, TSS), special parameters (NO3, detergent)
  • Analyze all types of water: waste water, natural water, process water, consumption water.
  • Fast analysis, under 1 minute
  • No need for incubators and reagents (chemicals)
  • If the sample is too dense, the meter automatically calculates to apply the dilution ratio
  • Automatic control: automatically measure up to 100 measurements and store up to 200 results
  • UV Pro measurement software: processing results, storing data…
    Waveforming range: 200 to 350nm
  • Choice of 2 cuvettes: 5 and 10 nm
  • Screen 64×128 pixels

Measuring range:

  • COD : 1 mg/L to 350 mg/L
  • BOD : 0.2 mg/L to 350 mg/L
  • TOC : 0.5 mg/L to 300 mg/L
  • SS : 2.5 mg/L to 100 mg/
  • Detergent : 0.5 mg/l to 60 mg/l
  • NO3 : 0.5 mg/L to 40 mg/L
  • NO3-N : 0.11 mg/L to 9.03 mg/L

Power supply:
Internal battery: for 100 readings
External power supply: 110/240V – 50Hz
Power: 35W

Provide cover:

  • Main machine Pastel UV
  • 01 micropipette
  • UV pro software
  • Quartz cuvet size 5 x 10mm
  • USB cable
  • Hard plastic suitcase
  • User Manual

GUARANTEE 3 YEARS. Portable UV Pastel UV multiparamameter analyzer dedicated to Nitrate, COD, BOD, TOC and SS measurements. Supplied in its carrying case with 1x 5x10mm tank (ref 0GQ203Z0), 1x graduated beaker with spout, 1x pin, 1x micropipette 1ml, 10x Microipette tips, 1x UV Pro software (ref 70MP0405), operating manual and performance certificate

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