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Microbiological air sampler

Active Sampler for Microbiological Air Sampling “Microflow Alfa”
Flow Rates: 30-600-90-100-120 l/ min
Country: ITALY

Microflow α has been developed for bio-aerosol (eg.: fungal spores, bacterial cells, etc.) sampling. This type of sampling allows to verify and measure the presence of microorganism potentially harmful, in order to perform an exposure assessment, and identify the source of pollution to adopt a containment plan.

Sampling principle: The sample is drawn through a pierced sampling head at constant speed for a variable time, depending on the nature of the environment to be monitored. The flow air is conveyed on the surface of a plate containing the culture media suitable for the microbiological research desired. Once the sampling is finished, the plate is removed and put under incubation. At the end of incubation time it will be possible to count the developed colonies for cm2 and to evaluate the contamination level.

Application fields:

  • security restricted areas
  • hospital
  • pharmaceutical industries
  • food and dairy company
  • air treatment systems
  • water purification implants
  • working environments subject to controls as required by D.L. 155/97 (HACCP) and D.L. 81/2008

The instrument has been developed in compliant with:

  • norm UNI EN ISO 14698-1:2004
  • method UNICHIM n°1962-2


  • Chassiein disinfectable polyurethane; furthermore, the inside of the chassis is clad with an antibacterial silver paint
  • Alphanumeric displayfor the menu presentation and displaying all “step by step” operations. The different menus can be visualized in one of the following five languages: Italian, English, French, German and Spanish
  • Displayalarm warning (i.e. low battery level, etc.)
  • Control panelwith membrane keyboard
  • Sampling headin anodised aluminium, that can be sterilised by autoclave, with twist lock fixing
    Microflow α 60: sampling head with 219 conical holes (ø 1 mm)
         • Microflow α 90c: sampling head with 380 conical holes (ø 1 mm)
  • Anodised and sterilisable aluminium plate supportstructure equipped with steel spring plate holders
    • Microflow α 60:can host a contact plate with diameter of 60 ± 2 mm
    • Microflow α 90c:can host a Petri dish with diameter of 90 ± 2 mm
    • Microflow α 60/90c:can host both Petri dish with diameter of 90 ± 2 mm and contact plate with diameter of 60 ± 2 mm, simply replacing the mechanical unit
  • BrightON/OFF LEDs for checking the instrument activity
  • Flow rate:30 – 60 – 90 – 100 – 120 l/min. The flow rates are calibrated using a calibration system, which has been developed by Polytechnic of Milan – Department of Aerospatiale engineering (report n°377/2003) and certificated by I.N.RI.M. of Turin (certificated n°10-0114-01/2010)
  • Calibration control function(with dedicated key)
  • The quantity of sampled airis programmable from 1 litre up to 2000 litres with steps of 1 litre. Furthermore, it is possible to set a manual sampling in case it is necessary to suck for an indeterminate period.
  • Possibility to set a sequential samplingas indicated by guidelines of ISPESL
  • Set of delayed start
  • Remote controlfor the start of the sampling (able to pass through the glass)
  • Memorizeof 160 samplings (date, time, sampled volume and sampling flow rate) and USB port to download the data on the PC. WINDOWS compatible (in compliance with GLP – Good Laboratory Practice – and GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • Rechargeable battery(without memory effect) with approximately 4 – 5 hours of autonomy (for a continuous sampling with a flow rate of 1,5 l/s)
  • Battery charger(220 V) with a complete recharge in approximately 4 hours
  • Possibility of power supplyfor short periods
  • In compensatedmodels: compensation of the flow rate at the variation of the battery supply voltage and contingent load loss due to plates with different dimensions from the calibration plate. With these models it is possible to use any kind of Petri Plate in the market. In case that the compensation system is not able to keep the flow rate constant, the system switches on overflow mode and the instrument will lockup.
  • Dimensions:310 x 130 x 170 mm (length x width x high)
  • Weight:1,9 kg
  • Operating conditions:
     Temperature: 0 – 50°C
    Relative humidity: 20- 80% without condense

The kit is complete of:

  • carrying case
  • MICROFLOW air sampler
  • additional alluminium samplig head (only for Microflowa 60 and 90c kit)
  • battery charger
  • IR remote control
  • Torch pen
  • User manual in English language
  • Test report


  • Tripod type Master, high max  3,66 m
  • Stainless steal sampling head
  • USB interfacefor PC data download, complete of software for the transmission and data manage in compliance with UNICHIM manual n°1962
  • Accessory for per sampling in conduct not under pressure 
  • Accessory for thepositioning of the sampler  in vertical position 
  • Digital calibration kit“Microcontrol” composed by a digital differential pressure indicator, connection tube and conversion table

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