Ultrasonic homogenizers


SONOPULS ultrasonic homogenizers HD 2000, SONOPULS ultrasonic homogenizers HD2000.2, SONOPULS ultrasonic homogenizers HD 3000, SONOPULS ultrasonic homogenizers HD4000 series

Noise protection box LS 40 and holding frame HG 40

Effective reduction of the noise level during direct
or indirect sonication with SONOPULS ultrasonic homogenizers of
the HD 2000 / 2000.2 / 3000/4000 series

Homogenizing, deagglomerating, emulsifying, suspending, accelerating chemical reactions or breaking down cells, bacteria, fungi or spores are the main areas of application. Significantly shortened process times and reproducible results that are quickly available make SONOPULS ultrasonic homogenizers indispensable for modern processes and analysis. Certain substances can be deliberately destroyed, lengthy procedures can be accelerated, and
the result of many reactions is improved. In the sample to be sonicated, particle sizes can be achieved not only in the μm but also in the nm range!
With its many years of know-how in the field of ultrasonic homogenizers, BANDELIN supports you in finding the right solution for your special application. SONOPULS homogenizers with amplitude control 10–100% and actual value display, pulsation, AMPLICHRON® switching (guarantees a constant amplitude regardless of changing conditions), integrated timer, can be remote controlled. SONOPULS homogenizers and their special accessories are “in-vitro diagnostics of category 5” (according to 98/79 / EC).

We will be happy to provide you with rental equipment for practical testing.

Areas of application

– Disruption of cells, bacteria, viruses, tissue
– Production of the finest emulsions
– Homogenization of substances
– Degassing of liquids
– Sample preparation for particle size analysis
– Acceleration of chemical reactions
– Sample preparation for waste water analysis

Typical routine tasks
• Disruption of cells without destroying the ingredients
• Disruption of tissue, including mixed tissue
• Emulsification of liquids that are difficult to mix,
e.g. B. oil and water, particle sizes in the nm range
• Deagglomeration of nanoparticles in materials research:
(nanostructured materials) in medicine, biotechnology, automotive industry
• Acceleration of chemical reactions
• Dispersion

• Sample preparation for grain size or environmental analysis,
homogenization of ceramic slurry
• Homogenization of cheese samples for nitrate determination

Biochemistry – Biology – Medicine
• Sonication of small high-quality sample quantities for
analysis, e. B. EIA or RIA
• Resistant bacteria,
cells or tissue can be disrupted by high amplitudes . In order to avoid
cross-contamination we recommend an indirect sonication of the samples
in the beaker resonator BR 30 or in the sonication beakers BB 6
• Cyclic amplification of defective protein folding (PMCA)

Chemistry – Sonochemistry
• Acceleration of chemical reactions or destruction of
high molecular chains Pharmacy – Cosmetics
• Production of larger quantities of stable emulsions,
e.g. B. lotions, as well as production of antigens, vaccines
or liposomes

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