PCR Thermal Cycler



  • Improved “Slow-Ramp” Feature: For CRISPR-Cas experiments, the temperature jump rate can be reduced up to 0.1⁰C seconds.
  • Cover temperature can be adjusted between 35⁰C and 120⁰C. In this way, it adapts to all PCR studies including NGS pre-study.
  • It has graphic display and touch keyboard. Easy to use and clean
  • It continues from where it left off after a power failure.
  • Very fast PCR optimization with gradient feature

Technicial Specifications:

Block type: 96-well; Available with 0.2ml PCR tubes, strip tubes, skirted, half-skirt and full-skirt microplates

Working temperature range: 4.0 – 99.9⁰C

Maximum heating rate: 3.0⁰C / second

Maximum cooling rate: 2.0⁰C / second

Gradient temperature range: 30 – 99⁰C

Gradient width: 24⁰C

Maximum number of programs : 200 sets

Encrypted program / file protection: Yes

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