Kjeldahl analysis system (Speed Digester K-439,  Distillation Unit K-355, Scrubber K-415)

Kjeldahl analysis system, BUCHI


Kjeldahl analysis system (Speed Digester K-439,  Distillation Unit K-355, Scrubber K-415)

Distillation Unit K-355

P/N: 043505

Distillation Unit K-350 with glass splash protector 230V / 50-60 Hz for classical nitrogen and protein determination

(Kjeldahl, Devarda and TKN) in accordance with official methods. Featuring a high-performance steam generator,producing max. 160ml/5 min distillate, monitoring technique for safe operation and storage of one method. Includes pair of glasstongs, sample tube 300 mL, connecting hoses, mains cable and two 10-liter tanks.

Scrubber K-415

P/N: 114152320

The K-415 Duo Scrub is a two-step gas scrubbing instrument with a powerful pump and neutralization and adsorption steps. The fumes from the digester are neutralized in then eutralization vessel, then the particles from organic or inorganic substances are collected in the activated charcoal of the adsorption stage. The K-415 can be controlled via a digester. To allow the user greater flexibility, the suction power of the Scrubber can be adjusted anytime.

Speed Digester K-439

P/N: 1154392100

The K-439 is the first digester that combines the features of IR and block digesters: Fast digestion with temperature control and excellent thermal homogeneity.

Programmable IR-digestion system for twelve 300 ml sample tubes with two tight suction modules. Visualization of digestion process through graphical display and sophisticated software allows to enter exact temperature values. Storage of 50 digestion methods, including 20 Büchi standard methods,which facilitates development of new methods. Harmful fumes generated during digestion are captured by the tight suction system and can be neutralized by the optional available Scrubber K-415, it is recommended to connect the Scrubber K-415 for automatic start and stop. Robust design with metal components made from acid-resistant stainless steel. Complete and ready to use, supplied with 2 standard suction modules and12 sample tumbes (300ml).

Kjeldahl Tablets Copper Micro

P/N: 11057985

(Box of 1000 tablets)

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