Muffle Furnace

Chamber Furnace CWF 11/05

$590,000.00 – $1,800,000.00

i). Item NO.CWF 1105-230SN, 220-240V, Single Phase High Temp.

Chamber Furnace

Model- CWF 11/05

Brand: Carbolite Gero

Origin: UK

Standard Features:

  • Carbolite Gero 301 controller with single ramp to set point and process timer
  • Soft closing door on 5 litter models
  • Vertical lift door keeps heated surface away from the user
  • Delayed start I process timer function as standard
  • Hard wearing alumina element carriers, furnace entrance & hearth
  • Energy efficient low therm al m ass insulation
  • Free radiating wire wound elements for optimum uniformity
  • Easy access to elements & controls simplifies maintenance & servicing

Technical Details:

Max temp (C) : 1100

Max continuous operating temp (C) :1000

Volume (Iitres) : 05

Heat-up time (mins) : 47

Dimensions: Internal H x W x D (mm) 135 x 140x 250

Dimensions: External H x W x D (mm) 585 x 375 x 485

Dimensions: External with door open H x W x D (mm) 800 x 375 x485

Temperature uniformity of ± SoC within H x W x D (mm) : 85 x 90 x 110

Max power (W) : 2400

Holding power (W) : 790

Thermocouple type: R

Weight (Kg): 30

ii) Item No: &02-3216P1:

Upgrade to 3216P1:The 3216P1 controller provides programmable temperature control using up to 8 segments. Each segment compreising of a ramp followed by a dwell. Dwells may be set to zero time.


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