The Concrete Pressure Air Meter is higher quality, less expensive, and more accurate. Our Concrete Pressure Air Meter offers a higher-quality Type B Pressure Meter for measurement of concrete air content with many improvements that make it a better buy.

Long lasting stainless steel clamps adjust quickly and are less expensive to replace. Larger gauge in stainless steel housing is easier to read, calibrate and sealed to reduce need for maintenance. Pump with large, easy-grip handle builds pressure quickly and is shielded to keep dirt and water out of the piston area. Brass petcocks have stainless steel ball valves for accuracy and durability. Petcock handles are vinyl coated for more comfortable operation. Dimensions and accuracy of the pressure meters exceed requirements of ASTM

Watts Press ur Meter


The original Watts Press-Ur-Meter, w/Wood Case is used to test the percentage of air in a freshly mixed concrete sample. The test method is based on Boyle’s Law and releases a known volume of air at a known pressure into the concrete sample which contains an unknown volume of air. The resultant change in the sample’s volume correlates directly to the percentage of entrained air in the sample and can be read directly from the gauge. The pressure meter is made from the highest quality components for years of trouble-free service.

Dimensions and accuracy of this meter exceeds requirements of ASTM. Included are: Calibration Vessel, Calibration Tubes, 24in (610mm) Tamping Rod, Aluminum Straightedge, Syringe for water, Carrying Case and operating instructions. Cast aluminum chamber is 1/4ft3 and may also be used for unit weight and yield determinations

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