Benchtop High Speed Centrifuge H3-20K series


Key Features:

◎Medium footprint, good compatibility, suitable for medium and small sized multi-functional experiments

◎controlled by computer, AC frequency variable motor drive

◎Multi-color LCD display, user-friendly, clearer and more direct display.

◎User able to set RPM, timing, RCF and acceleration/deceleration mode according to experiment requirement

◎automatic calculation and simultaneous display of RCF/RPM.

◎10 types of accelerating/decelerating control, 15 groups of programming space, user able to program and call program freely

◎automatic calculation,adjustment, conversion and simultaneous display of RCF/RPM,

◎With electronic door lock, protection against over speed and imbalance, enhanced safety

◎with rotor of multiple capacity, suitable for multiple requirement for experiments

Overall Specifications

 Max RPM   20000rpm Rotor Diameter φ320mm
 Max RCF 26800×g Noise Level < 60dB(A)
Capacity 4×100ml Inner Dimensions 440×360×330mm
Timer 1min~99min Outer Dimensions 510×460×460mm
Revolutions/min ±20r/min // Without rotor 30kg
Voltage AC 220±22V 50Hz 10A With Rotor 35kg
Power 450W / /
Rotor No Capacity MAX RPM/MAX RCF
Rotor 1 12×1.5ml 20000rpm/26800×g
2 16×1.5/2.2ml 18000rpm/23900×g
3 18×0.5ml 16500rpm/17000×g
4 10×5ml 16000rpm/ 17420×g
5 24×1.5/2.2ml 15000rpm/21532×g
6 12×10ml 14000rpm/19640×g
7 2×8×0.2ml PCR 13500rpm/13880×g
8 6×50ml/round bottom 13000rpm/17940×g
9 6×50ml/sharp bottom 12000rpm/15450×g
10 8×50ml 11000rpm/13450×g
11 12×15ml 10000rpm/9690×g
12 4×100ml 10000rpm/9690×g
Bucket 13 16×10ml 4200rpm/3100×g
Enzyme labelled plate rotor  



2×2×48 wells 4200rpm/1900×g

Blood bank centrifuge TD4X series


Key Features:

1.  Small size; great space saver for the lab.

2.  Steel structure, centrifuge chamber made of stainless steel.

3.  maintenance free brushless DC motor drive to enable stable and quiet operation.

4.  Able to change parameters anytime during operation without the need to stop the machine

5.  automatic calculation and simultaneous display of RCF/RPM.

6.  10 types of accelerating/decelerating control, 40 groups of programming space, user able to program and call program freely.

7.  With electronic door lock, enhanced safety.

8.  This model is widely used in laboratories in hospitals and institutions due to its super high performance cost ratio and reliable quality.

Technical Parameter


Model TD4X
Max RPM  (rpm) 4000rpm Noise Level ≤ 65dB(A)
Max RCF 2250×g Chamber diameter φ280mm
Max Capacity 18×10ml Outer Dimensions 385×320×270mm
Timer 1min~99min Packing Dimensions 460×390×330 mm
Revolutions/min ±20r/min Net weight 15kg
Voltage AC 220V±22V,50/60Hz,10A Gross weight 17kg
Power 100W / /
Rotor No. Compacity RPM/RCF
 Angle Rotor 1 12×10ml 4000rpm/2250×g
2 18×10ml 4000rpm/2250×g

Crude fat meter



Based on principles of Soxhlet extraction to determine the content of fat with the method of weight determination. That is make the fat soluble in organic solvents, with the solvent extraction method to separate the fat, and then dries, weighs to calculate the fat content.

The JK-CFD-6A crude fat determinator has a reasonable design, stable performance, high precision, effort-saving and time-saving operation, the measurement result conforms to the national standards, each target and performance all reach the requirement of similar import product. The JK-CFD-6A crude fat determinator is an ideal equipment of measuring fat for food, fat, feed and so on.


Power (W) 800
Hot work way Water bath
Temperature range (°C) RT-100 °C
Measurement range 0.5% – 60%
All kind of fat products whose oleaginousness 0.5%-60%
Sample six
Solvent recovery Automatic
Overall dimension (mm) 570 x 400 x 700
Weight 55kg
Packing size (cm) 50 x 87 x 82

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