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Daejung Chemical & Metals Co., Ltd

Over the past half century, all executives and staff members of Daejeong Chemical and Gold have been constantly running for customer satisfaction and impression with the best quality and credit.

In the future, Daejung Chemicals will be reborn and leap forward by practicing the values ​​of “customer respect, environment first, open mind” based on the capabilities of a leader in the reagent industry. Daejung Chemical Bank will respond more actively and quickly to meet the needs of customers, and all executives and employees will do their best to become

It is a chemical company that produces general, analytical, diagnostic, and special test drugs and raw materials, and supplies them domestically and exports them overseas.

Based on our global cooperative network and sufficient stock holding capacity, we stock 25,000 reagents, including 5,000 domestic reagents of the highest quality, and supply them quickly and stably to our customers.

In addition, for continuous growth, we are expanding technology development and research in various fields such as environmental chemicals, raw materials for cosmetics, raw materials for cosmetics, electronic materials, chemicals, composite metal oxides, animal medicines, and food additives.

Daejung Chemical & Money Co., Ltd. promises to be a company that always provides reliable services as the best partner and preserves the environment through clean process management.

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