200-600kVA 3-3 Series Online UPS


Reliable Design

  • The output isolation transformer provides high reliability to adapt different harsh industrial environments and protects the critical loads
  • 100% 3-phase unbalance load adapt to different kinds of complex applications
  • Dual air ducts design offer good cooling to protect the key components and extend the service life
  • Dual power supply redundancy
  • Wide input voltage range provides high adaptability to the grid and extend the battery service life
  • Main PCB board with professional electromagnetic shielding improve reliable performance of EMC

Innovative Upgrade

  • Dual DSP control technology, make the data processing faster and more precise, improve the reliability
  • High output PF=0.9 meet with high requirements of applications
  • ECO-mode (98% Efficiency) gives possibility of significant cost reduction and heat emission
  • Bus synchronization control function provides reliable high power for the dual bus application
  • Advanced no-master-slave parallel technology achieves online power expansion and prevent single fault

Intelligent Management

  • Multiple communication interfaces supports UPS and load intelligent monitoring
  • Intelligent SNMP achieves local monitoring and remote monitor
  • Intelligent fan control according the load capacity reduces the noise and prolongs fan service life
  • Battery self- test function and battery temperature compensation function improve the battery performance and extend battery life
  • Battery temperature compensation function extends battery service life

Humanized Operation

  • 10-30kVA models with wheels enable easy movement
  • HMI – Friendly operation
  • ON/OFF – Double Button design
  • EPO
  • 10,000 history records reduces fault analysis and maintenance time
  • Power components in module design – more compact structure and easy for maintenance
  • Hot-swappable fans design achieves on-line maintenance

Technical Data

Item 33 Series Online UPS (200~600kVA)
Power Capacity 200kVA,250kVA,300kVA,400kVA,500kVA,600kVA
Output Isolated Transformer Standard
Parallel Technology No-master-slave N+1 (Maximum 6 pcs)
Input and Output Systems Three-phase input Three-phase output
Rated Voltage 380/400/415Vac(L-L) settable
Battery Voltage 348/360/372/384Vdc settable
Output Power Factor 0.9
Efficiency ≥94%;
Noise < 70 dB
Width ×Depth ×Height (mm) 200~250kVA : 1400×1000×1850
300~400kVA : 1600×1000×1850
500~600kVA : 3000×1000×1850
Communication RS232/RS485, Dry contacts ( MODBUS and SNMP adapter are optional)

Offline UPS (650VA to 2000VA)



  • Advanced digital control technology
  • Comprehensive equipment protection function
  • Flexible and practical cold start function


  • Stable operation without noise
  • Green idea environment design
  • Wide voltage range for intellectual regulation (Smart AVR)


  • Small size, easy operation
  • Intelligent and use-friendly power management (optional)

Technical Data

Item UPS 650VA-2000VA
Input/ Output wiring L+N+PE
Input Voltage UPS650/UPS1200/UPS1500/UPS2000/ 140~280Vac
Input Frequency 50/60±10%Hz
Output Voltage 220/230 ±10% Vac (Battery mode)
Output Frequency Synchronizing with input AC while it is normal, and 50/60±0.5%Hz on battery mode
Transfer Time Typical 6ms, including detection time and switching time (Synchronous switch-over)
Waveform Square wave / Pure sine wave (Option-2)
Battery Voltage UPS 650 VA12Vdc
UPS1200: 24Vdc
UPS1500/UPS2000: 24/48Vdc
Max. Charging Current UPS 650/1200VA/1500VA/ 2000 VA : 1A (Short backup)
UPS 650/1200VA/1500VA/ 2000 VA : 6-8A (Long backup)
Display LED indicators show status of AC input, inverter, low battery and overload
RS 232 (USB, SNMP adaptor are optional)
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