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Ultrasonic Cleaner Eco Series


The cavitation phenomenon consist of formation and growth of millions of microscopic bubbles under a low pressure stage, produced into the ultrasonic bath due to a high power transducer 40/59kHz.

These bubbles break in all directions and attack every surface in contact with water, erasing dirt, impurities and pollutants when contacting with the materials or pieces into the bath. This phenomenon allows cleaning all kind of piece without need of disassembling, due to it is taking part in all surface in contact with the liquid. The heat allows accelerate this clearing process

Eco Series
* Wide range available volumes from 3 l up to 22 l capacity
* Inner and outer parts made of stainless steel
* Comes with a tray to conveniently place objects to be cleaned
* Features a digital timer with up to 99 min

Application Areas
* Laboratories: laboratory material, precision instruments, pipettes, sieves, etc.
* Medicine: instrumentation in general, surgical material, etc.
* Odontology: dental prosthesis, instrumentation, etc.
* Optics: instrumentation, opticals, frames, etc.
* Industry: printed circuits, Electronic components, etc
* Jewellery: watches, jewels, etc
* Automation: Injector clearing.
* Degasification or liquid dissolution.
* Compact substances digregation


Model Capacity


Internal Size (LxWxH) mm Working Power


Heater Power







UE03SFD 3 240×140×100 90 40 1~99min No