Eppendorf Dualfilter Tips



When protecting samples from contamination is the highest priority, Eppendorf ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S. Pipette Tips are the ideal choice. The initial filter retains virtually all drops, splashes and aerosols, while the second filter reliably binds extraneous biomolecules, including DNA fragments. Tips demonstrate dependable flow dynamics, low wettability and high thermal stability.

The drop-contour design ensures tips will fit a wide variety of tubes and well, and the soft, flexible tip cone ensures better pipette tip sealing. Tips are certified pyrogen free and PCR clean (free from human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR-inhibiting substances) or Forensic DNA Grade (as marked) to prevent sample contamination, and feature a hydrophobic surface that results in more complete recovery of samples. Provided in disposable racks of 96 tips.


  • Two-filter design provides added protection against aerosols and biomolecules
  • Air flow rate is just as fast as single-layer tips
  • Optimized cone geometry provides the optimal pipette fit on the Eppendorf pipette
  • Fine graduations make visual checks of the pipetting volume even easier
  • Long, narrow tips reach the base of narrow and high vessels without touching the top of the vessel edge
  • Available in purity grades of: Eppendorf Quality, PCR clean, Eppendorf Biopur®
  • Color-coded trays make volume identification and allocation of Eppendorf pipettes easier than ever

Research® plus single channel micro pipette


The Eppendorf Research plus combines over 50 years of innovation in liquid handling and is one of the most commonly used pipettes in the world. It provides you with one of the safest and most ergonomic pipettes available today. The Research plus is the pipette family with the lowest weight and lowest operation forces in the Eppendorf product families. The spring loaded tip cone ensures low tip attachment and ejection forces. The Research plus has the ability to be autoclaved without the need to be disassembled. Fixed-volume pipettes and multichannel options are available.

Features of the Research® Plus include:

  • Volume adjustment: only a few turns to reach your desired volume
  • Control button: very low operating force, color indicates pipette volume, positioned for perfect ergonomics
  • Ejector: very low operating force, positioned for perfect ergonomics
  • Secondary adjustment display and opening: adjust your pipette to a liquid very different than water
  • Eppendorf PerfectPiston™: ultra light piston made of Fortron® (not in 2.5 µL, 10 µL, 5 mL and 10 mL pipettes)
  • Quick connection clip: remove lower part easily (not in 5 mL and 10 mL pipettes)
  • Spring loaded tip cone: improved ergonomics, tight fit to the tip (not in 5 mL and 10 mL pipettes)

Eppendorf Microcentrifuge Tubes, 1.5ml



The easy-open, easy-close design of our Flex-Tube provides convenient and reliable sample preparation, centrifugation and storage. The Eppendorf Flex-Tube is manufactured without the use of slip agents, plasticizers and biocides—substances that have been shown to leach from plastic consumables into the sample and negatively affect bio-assay results. Product Features Include; g-Safe™: Exceptional centrifugation stability of up to 30,000 x g (70,000 x g in form-fitting rotor) prevents tube breakage. This Large frosted lid and surface on the side for easy labeling, Graduations provide an easy volume reference, Guaranteed functionality between –86°C to 100°C, Autoclavable when open (121°C, 20 min), Polypropylene provides high resistance to chemicals, mechanical stress and temperature extremes.

  • Volume: 0.5mL; PCR clean
  • Specially developed technology and the purest, select polypropylene result in tube binding that ensures minimal loss (< 3%)
  • Designed for use in proteomics or other fields of protein research
  • Enzymes remain active, and they are not denatured by any tube-surface interactions
  • Additional features include Safe-Lock lid and a high degrees of transparency; rated to 18,000 x g

Product Specifications

Capacity:  0.5 milliliters

Item Shape: Conical

Item Volume: 0.02 milliliters

Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Number of Items: 100

Disposable pipette tips



  • Single use tip –
  • White 5×32 mm
  • Yellow 5.5×50 mm
  • Blue 8×71 mm
  • Universal tip for 10ul/200ul/1000ul


Specification 10ul 200ul 1000ul
Size 5 * 32 mm 5.5 * 50 mm 8 * 71 mm
Color White Yellow Blue
Package 1000 pcs/pk 1000 pcs/pk 500 pcs/pk
Net weigth 100 g 200 g 350 g
Material PP

Supplier in BD: Elite Scientific & Meditech Co

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