Grain moisture meter


The GAC® 2500-C is the first-ever grain moisture meter to provide full integration into grain networks, allowing grain receivers to use a simple, yet accurate solution for moisture tests instead of having to use a more sophisticated multi-parameter analyser. GAC 2500-C is fully-connected via FossManager™ networking software that supports grain networks around the world.

Technical specification

Operating temperature 2° to 45°C (36° to 113°F)
Power 110/220V, 50/60 Hz, 30/35 VA
Analysis time

10-20 seconds

Humidity 20 to 90% noncondensing
Grain sample temperature -20° to +45°C (-4°F to +113°F) depending on grain calibrations and moisture
Storage/transit temperature -20° to +60°C ( -4° to +140°F)
Moisture range 5 to 45% (grain dependent)
Dimensions (H*W*D*) 432 mm x 483 mm x 356 mm (17”H x 19”W x 14”D)
Approximate weight 11.43 kg (25 lbs.)
Connectivity FossManager™ networking software

Distillation and titration system


The KT 200 Kjeltec™ Distillation unit provides a simple and reliable solution for safe and semi-automatic distillation for protein determination. The possibility to pre-program alkali addition and distillation time supports the production of accurate results independent of operator.

Technical specification

Technical Specifications
Performance data at 230V
Analysis time 4 minutes at 30 mg N
(7 minutes at 200 mg N)
Distillation capacity ~ 30 ml/min
Measuring range 0.1 – 200 mg N
Reproducibility 1% RSD (including the digestion step)

> 99.5% at nitrogen levels between 1 – 200 mg N

Installation Requirements
Power supply 200 – 240 V 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption 2 200 W
Water consumption
(during distillation only)
2 l/min at water temp of 30°C (During distillation only)
1 l/min at water temp of 15°C
Weight net 25 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 300 × 280 × 770 mm

Kjeldahl digestion System



Food, feed, feed ingredients, forage, pet food, grain, cereal, oil seeds, meat, meat products, milk, dairy products, beer and beer ingredients

Kjeldahl digestions, chemical oxygen demand and other reflux chemistries, trace metal analysis by AAS or ICP instruments

Technical specification

Performance data at 230 V
Temperature range Ambient – 440°C
Temperature setting repeatability 1°C
Temperature stability at 100°C ± 2°C
Temperature stability at 400°C  ± 1°C
Heating up time 20 to 400 °Cat  230 V Digestor 2508: ~35 min
Digestor 2520: ~40 min
Digestion application memory Up to 254
Digestion steps per application Up to 23
Lift connection Yes, full control
Scrubber Digestor 2508/2520: Yes, full control
Tubes/batch Digestor 2508: 8 tubes
Digestor 2520: 20 tubes
Installation requirements Digestor 2508 Digestor 2520
Power supply 200-240 V, 50-60 Hz 200-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 1100 W 2300 W
Weight net 10 kg 18 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 300 × 440 × 140 mm 300 × 600 × 140 mm
Water supply EM 2508 Exhaust Manifold:
3 -5 l/min for 5 minutes, then 1 l/min
EM 2520 Exhaust Manifold:
10 – 12 l/min for 5 minutes, then 3-5 l/min
Ventilation requirement Exhaust system and Fume hood

Hygiene tester for raw milk


The BacSomatic™ provides rapid hygiene testing of raw milk. It is the first-ever integrated bacteria and somatic cell tester and offers full-automation for minimal reagent handling and consistent test results. BacSomatic™ is ideal for dairies and smaller laboratories needing only a low-volume, yet high-performance analyser.

Technical specification

Technical Specifications
Analysis capacity SCC and IBC :15 samples/hour
Only IBC :15 samples/hour
Only SCC: 40 samples/hour
Carry over IBC: <1% relative, usually <0.5%
SCC: <1% relative, usually <0.5%
Analysis time

9.5 minutes IBC
1.5 minutes SCC alone

Sample intake SCC and IBC: 6ml
Only IBS: 5.2 ml
Only SCC: 2.2 ml
Sample temperature 2 – 4°C
Network connections Mosaic
Dimensions (H*W*D*) 400 x 400 x 400 mm
Weight 25 kg
Working factor IBC : 100
SCC: 100
Measuring range IBC: 5000-20 mln IBC/ml
SCC: 0-10 mln cells/m
Performance range IBC: 10000-10 mln IBC/ml
SCC: 100000-1.5 mln cells/ml
Repeatability IBC:
Sr≤0.07 log relative, usually 0.06 at10-50 IBC/μl
Sr≤0.05 log relative, usually 0.04 at51-200 IBC/μl
Sr≤0.04 log relative, usually 0.02 at >200 IBC/μlSCC:
CV<6% at 100000 cells/ml
CV<4% at 300000 cells/ml
CV<3% at 500000 cells/ml
Accuracy IBC: Typical Sy,x <0.25 log units from SPC (plate counting)
SCC: <10% relative mean different from direct microscopic SCC
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