SWD series Soxhlet Water Bath

SWD series Soxhlet Water Bath

$115,000.00 – $130,000.00


This soxhelt water bath are designed to gently warm samples, evaporate liquids, and melt solids such as agar.

Concentric ring can be removed from inner cover to accommodate various vessel shapes and sizes

Four or Six holes model provide bath temperature up to 100C


Model SWB-6 SWB-3×2 SWB-4×2
Capacity 14 liter – 6×1 20liter-3×2 26 liter-4×2
Chamber (Wx8xH) 890x150x100 520x350x110 680x350x110
Temp. range Ambient to Max. 100·C
Timer Digital 99hr,59min
Heating 1.5 Kw 1.6 Kw 1.8 Kw
Material Interior Stainless steel
Exterior Epoxy coated steel plate
Control & Display Digital & LCD
Safety Device Over temp. limiter
Power source 220VAC,50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 920x180x190 700x420x235 I 860x420x235
Weight (Kg) 13 16 I 20

Options : Glassware

CB-V/CB-H series Laminar Air Cabinet

Laminar Air Cabinet CB-V/CB-H series

$330,000.00 – $490,000.00


These safety cabinet are all steel with welded, unitized construction of main frame and 304 SS of interior

Air inlet and outlet utilize HEFA filter 99.97% efficient on 0.3um particles

 The negative pressure plenum design provides complete personal protection with Class 100(ISO Class 5) air

Service fixture enable to connection air,gas,water,electric or vacuum source

Also included FL lighting and UV lamp for work area decontamination


Model CB-90-V CB-120-V CB-150-V CB-180-V
Model CB-90-H CB-120-H C”B-1S0-H CB-180-H
Working Area (WxBxH) 900x630x630mm 1200x630x630mm 1500x630x630mm 1800x630x630mm
Air flow direction V : Vertical flow H: Horizontal flow
Clearness Class Class II Clearness 100
Main Filter HEPA 99.97% efficiency 0.311111 particle
Air Flow 980 m3/hr 1300 m3/hr 1700 m3/hr 2030 m3/hr
Air velocity Inflow: 0.6 – 0.7 m/sec Down: 0.3 – 0.5 m/sec. Adjustable
Sterilizing 2 xUV30W 2 x UV40W 2 x UV40W 2 xUV40W
Illumination 2 x FL30W 2 x FL40W 2 x FL40W 2 x FL40W
Blower Centrifugal high efficiency fan with speed control
Noise Level 55 – 60 dBA
Control & display Analog manometer & push button
Material Case Stainless steel interior & Steel plate with epoxy coated exterior
Door Tempered safety glass with sliding door
Work Table Stainless steel
Utility Device Gas, Air/Water Cock, 2 x Electric receptacle
Power source 220VAC,50/60Hz
Overall CB-V type 1 020x840x1830 mm 1320x840x1830 mm 1620x840x1830 mm 1960x840x1830 mm
(WxDxH) CB-H type 1 060x990x1830 mm 1360x990x1830 mm 1660x990x1830 mm 1960x990x1830 mm
Weight (Kg) 230 250 270 290

Options : 1) Main Filter efficiency 99.997% (ULFA) 2) Microprocessor digital control type


Laminar Air Cabinet:-

Digital Laminar Air Cabinet:-


Exicycler Thermo Cycler

Thermo Cycler (Exicycler and MyGenie)

$1,000,000.00 – $1,150,000.00


Multiplexing with four different fluorophores and reproducible results

Multi applications for DNA, RNA and virus copy number quantification or qualitative analysis,

target identification, genotyping etc.

High sensitive and wide dynamic detection range and self diagnostics for system maintenance

High resolution and useful melting curve analysis for target identification

Simultaneous fluorescence detection and high throughput processing of sample in well plates

Broad range of excitation and emission wave lengths

Uniform and exquisite thermal gradient


Model Exicycler MyGenie 
Sample capacity 96 well 20-50ul 96 well 0.2ml tube
Heating & Cooling Peltier
Temperature range 4C – 99C
Operation temperature 15C – 30C ±0.3C
Lid temperature 90C – 120C
TempfTime increment 9.9C/60sec
Operation humidity 20% – 80%
Gradient range 40C-75Cin 1C – 20C
Ramping range Max.2.5C in 0.1 C/sec
No.of program/steps 150/40
No.of repeated cycle 99
Display PC Monitor by user 20 x 4 Characterl LCD
Operation system MS Window XP 20 Keypad
Communication port USB2.0 RS2.32
Power source 110f220VAC,50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 355x540x470(mm) 238x235x297(mm)
Weight (Kg) 30 8
Light source UHP short arc lamp 120W
Detector 2DCCD
Excitation filters 5 sets 490-640nm
Emission filters 5 sets 520-670nm

Double beam UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

Double beam UV/VIS Spectrophotometer & Single beam UV Spectrophotometer

$9,500,000.00 – $11,708,325.00


🐦Double beam optic type and embedded PC (window xp)

🐦17″ color LCD monitor or touch screen monitor (option)

🐦Universal sample rotating cell holder holds 8 cells & 1 blank

🐦Superb optics for maximized accuracy and reliability

🐦User- friendly software, USB ports and accessory connection

🐦Versatile data processing and better in holding memories

🐦This economical scanning spectrophotometer produce first-rate result using any UV analytical method

🐦Ideal for DNA,Protein,kinetics and more

🐦High quality components & system enable superior resolution

🐦Specify method parametric setup using simple on-board keypad control of from computer


Model Optizen 3220UV UV-3300
Description Scanning UV-VIS Scanning UV-VIS
Bandwidth 1.0 nm 1 nm
Wave length 190 – 1100 nm 190 -1100 nm
accuracy ± 0.3 nm at 656.1 nm ±0.2 nm
repeatability ± 0.1 nm ± 0.05 nm
Scanning speed Max. 3000 nm/min Max.1000nm/min
Photometric system Double beam photometric system Single beam photometric system
accuracy ± 0.004Abs (STD) at 0.1 Abs ±0.004 Abs(O.5 to 1.0Abs)
repeatability ± 0.002 Abs (STD) at 0.1 Abs “;’0.002 Abs
Stray light <0.05% at 340 nm <0.05% at 340 nm
Source lamp Pre-aligned tungsten & Deuterium lamp Halogen & Deuterium lamp
Display 17″ color monitor with soft ware Graphic LCD
Detector 2 silicon photodiodes High sensitive silicon photodiode
Output PC,USB,USB Memory, serial printer PC,USB,RS232 & Serial printer
Power source 220VAC,50/60Hz 90-240VAC,50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 600x400x250mm 440x425x225 mm
Weight 35 Kg 15 kg


HS-2300 Water Analyzer

$420,000.00 – $420,000.00


🐦Spectrophotometer type water analyzer using the water test kit

🐦Convenience and easy to use in the laboratory as well as a plant

🐦Digital LED display and automatic battery saver

🐦Versatile application: laboratory,plant,drinking water treatment system


Model HS-2300
Measurement Photometric method by special reagent
Light source LED lamp 1405,470,525,605,880nm
Detector High sensitive silicon photodiode
Control &display Digital LED 16×4 line
Interface RS232
Power source 110-240VAC,50/50Hz, 12V battery 900mA
Overall (WxDxH) 250x200x85mm
Weight 4 Kg

Analog Hotplate & Magnetic Stirrer HS/MS Series

$30,000.00 – $105,000.00


🐦Take this compact magnetic stirrer anywhere you need vigorous sample stirring

🐦Or, use it in the lab and eliminate the need for cumbersome extension cords

🐦Stirrer features stepless speed control knob,ceramic coated top plate and corrosion resistant epoxy coated metal case

🐦Offered 2 models of different function each


Model HS-18 HS-30 MS-18 MS-30 HP100
Function Hotplate & Magnetic Stirrer Magnetic Stirrer Hot plate
Top Plate (WxL) 180x180mm 300x300mm 180x180mm 300x300mm 180x180mm
Heater Capacity 680W 1400W 680W
Temp. Range Max.380·C Max.350·C Max 380’C
Stirring Capacity Upto 5liter Upto 15 liter Upto 5liter Upto 15 liter Upto 5 liter
Stirring Speed 100 – 1500rpm 100 – 1300rpm 100 – 1500rpm 100 – 1300rpm
Power Source 110f220VAC,SOf60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 200x240x105mm 310x430x120mm 200x240x105mm 310x430x120mm 200x240x105mm
Weight (Kg) 3.S 7 3 6 3

Multi Hot plate & Stirrer HSD Series

$180,000.00 – $250,000.00


Systematized multi-position, independent heat and stirring

Ceramic coated top plate resists acid and chemicals

Accurate temp.control by high performance microprocessor

Feed back control of temperature on the hot plate


Model HSD334-01


No. of Position



Top plate (WxL) 300x300mm 300x210mm

Stirring Capacity

4 x 1 liter

6 x 500ml

Stirring Range 100 -1500 rpm
Temp. Range Max.350·C
Timer Digital 99hr,59min
Function Clock Anti-Clock wise, Auto reverse rotation
Top plate Material  Ceramic coated aluminum plate
Control & Display M/processor feed back control & digital display
Power Source  110 or 220VAC,50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 310x430x120mm 310x340x120mm
Weight (Kg) 8 7


Model HSD120-03P HSD150-03P
No.of Position 3 individual
Top plate (WxL) 3x120x120mm 3x 150x150mm
Stirring Capacity 3 x 1 liter 3 x 2 liter
Stirring Range 100 -1500 rpm
Temp. Range Max.380·C
Timer  Digital 99hr,59min
Top plate Material Ceramic coated aluminum plate
Control & Display  M/processor feed back control & digital display
Power Source 110 or 220VAC,50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 480x260x125mm 510x300x125mm
Weight (Kg) 7.5 8.5



Deionizing ROMAX Water System

$212,500.00 – $275,000.00


Connect to tap water line to set-up easy

Tap water supply: 2 Kg/cm2

Exchange the ion resin in the MB polisher every 3 – 4 months

Economic price and simple design


Model   ROMAX-04 ROMAX-08  
Production flow rate 4 Iiter/hr 8 liter/hr  
Conductivity   0.067 – 0.1 (us/em) 118.2 LIQ-cm  
Feed water   Tap water: 2 Kg/cm2  
Filter system   Prefilter,A/C filter; RO membrance  
      Deion Filter, M/F filter  
TOe value       < 50 ppb  
Control & display Power on-off, Automatic water level switch
Power source   220VAC,50/60Hz  
Overall (WxDxH) 230x450x550mm  
Weight (Kg)     20  
Options UV sterilizer (TOC < 5 -10 ppb)  

Deionizing Water System

$399,000.00 – $570,000.00


This unit designed for the production of high purity deionized water for use as such or for further purification to ultrapure water,

and the standard version is available with or without UV sterilizer

The display key pad unit completely new design for clear readability and maximum user convenience display

Typical applications;

  1. Rinsing of glassware
  2. Preparing of diluting buffers, reagents and tissue culture media
  3. Preparing samples for analytical methods such as flame AAS


Model WDI-15 WDI-30 WDI-45
Production rate 151iter/hr 30liter/hr 45liter/hr
Conductivity 0.067 – 0.1 (us/em) 118.2 MQ-cm
Feed water Tap water + Booster pump
Filter system Prefilter, Active carbon filter, RO membrane
HP Pack ( Ion Exchange)
TOC value 30 ppb
Bacteria 1 cfu/ml
Control display M/processor digital display
Functions Power,StartlStop,Service mode, Set value
Power source 220VAC,50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 500x400x580mm
Weight (Kg) 28
Options : 1) UV sterilizer (TOC < 5 -10 ppb)

2) UV sterilizer + Ultra fine filter (TOC. 2- 5 ppb)


Basic Water Still

$220,000.00 – $400,000.00


This general lab. water still remove most dissolved solids and pyrogens from tap water or pretreated water.

Water Still features a thermostat and a water level switch provides automatic operation.

Protect from over-heating by cut-off when feed water interrupted.

Easy to clean by removing the condenser from the body.

The stainless steel double-walled chamber saves electricity.


Model WSB-04F WSB-08F
Capacity 3.5 L / hour L / hour
Cooling water 30 L / hour 60 L / hour
Heater 3Kw 6Kw
Material Stainless steel Interior & Steel sheet Exterior
Safety Device Water level float switch, Over temp. thermostat
Water supply cut-off valve
Power source 220VAC, 50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 400 x 225 x 545 mm 460 x 260 x 610mm
Weight (Kg) 20 23