CB-V/CB-H series Laminar Air Cabinet

Laminar Air Cabinet CB-V/CB-H series

$330,000.00 – $490,000.00


These safety cabinet are all steel with welded, unitized construction of main frame and 304 SS of interior

Air inlet and outlet utilize HEFA filter 99.97% efficient on 0.3um particles

 The negative pressure plenum design provides complete personal protection with Class 100(ISO Class 5) air

Service fixture enable to connection air,gas,water,electric or vacuum source

Also included FL lighting and UV lamp for work area decontamination


Model CB-90-V CB-120-V CB-150-V CB-180-V
Model CB-90-H CB-120-H C”B-1S0-H CB-180-H
Working Area (WxBxH) 900x630x630mm 1200x630x630mm 1500x630x630mm 1800x630x630mm
Air flow direction V : Vertical flow H: Horizontal flow
Clearness Class Class II Clearness 100
Main Filter HEPA 99.97% efficiency 0.311111 particle
Air Flow 980 m3/hr 1300 m3/hr 1700 m3/hr 2030 m3/hr
Air velocity Inflow: 0.6 – 0.7 m/sec Down: 0.3 – 0.5 m/sec. Adjustable
Sterilizing 2 xUV30W 2 x UV40W 2 x UV40W 2 xUV40W
Illumination 2 x FL30W 2 x FL40W 2 x FL40W 2 x FL40W
Blower Centrifugal high efficiency fan with speed control
Noise Level 55 – 60 dBA
Control & display Analog manometer & push button
Material Case Stainless steel interior & Steel plate with epoxy coated exterior
Door Tempered safety glass with sliding door
Work Table Stainless steel
Utility Device Gas, Air/Water Cock, 2 x Electric receptacle
Power source 220VAC,50/60Hz
Overall CB-V type 1 020x840x1830 mm 1320x840x1830 mm 1620x840x1830 mm 1960x840x1830 mm
(WxDxH) CB-H type 1 060x990x1830 mm 1360x990x1830 mm 1660x990x1830 mm 1960x990x1830 mm
Weight (Kg) 230 250 270 290

Options : 1) Main Filter efficiency 99.997% (ULFA) 2) Microprocessor digital control type


Laminar Air Cabinet:-

Digital Laminar Air Cabinet:-



Deionizing ROMAX Water System

$212,500.00 – $275,000.00


Connect to tap water line to set-up easy

Tap water supply: 2 Kg/cm2

Exchange the ion resin in the MB polisher every 3 – 4 months

Economic price and simple design


Model   ROMAX-04 ROMAX-08  
Production flow rate 4 Iiter/hr 8 liter/hr  
Conductivity   0.067 – 0.1 (us/em) 118.2 LIQ-cm  
Feed water   Tap water: 2 Kg/cm2  
Filter system   Prefilter,A/C filter; RO membrance  
      Deion Filter, M/F filter  
TOe value       < 50 ppb  
Control & display Power on-off, Automatic water level switch
Power source   220VAC,50/60Hz  
Overall (WxDxH) 230x450x550mm  
Weight (Kg)     20  
Options UV sterilizer (TOC < 5 -10 ppb)  

Deionizing Water System

$399,000.00 – $570,000.00


This unit designed for the production of high purity deionized water for use as such or for further purification to ultrapure water,

and the standard version is available with or without UV sterilizer

The display key pad unit completely new design for clear readability and maximum user convenience display

Typical applications;

  1. Rinsing of glassware
  2. Preparing of diluting buffers, reagents and tissue culture media
  3. Preparing samples for analytical methods such as flame AAS


Model WDI-15 WDI-30 WDI-45
Production rate 151iter/hr 30liter/hr 45liter/hr
Conductivity 0.067 – 0.1 (us/em) 118.2 MQ-cm
Feed water Tap water + Booster pump
Filter system Prefilter, Active carbon filter, RO membrane
HP Pack ( Ion Exchange)
TOC value 30 ppb
Bacteria 1 cfu/ml
Control display M/processor digital display
Functions Power,StartlStop,Service mode, Set value
Power source 220VAC,50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 500x400x580mm
Weight (Kg) 28
Options : 1) UV sterilizer (TOC < 5 -10 ppb)

2) UV sterilizer + Ultra fine filter (TOC. 2- 5 ppb)

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