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Length Comparator with Digital Indicator



Length comparators measure length changes of hardened cement paste, mortar and concrete prismatic specimens. Indicators are mounted on a sturdy upright support attached to a solid triangular base. All units Include stationary and movable anvils designed to fit H-3260 gauge studs, which are cast into test specimens and an invar reference bar. Comparators for 10″ (254mm) or 16″ (406mm) effective length samples with digital indicator with a range of .600″ and resolution of .0001″. Measures inches and millimeters includes batteries and AC adapter. Unit can be zeroed at any point on the range and can be switched from inches to mm by pressing a button. Includes stationary and movable anvils designed to fit the H-3260 gauge studs that are cast on test specimens and an invar reference bar. Unit accommodates test specimens up to 4″ x 4″ (102 x 102mm) cross section.

The Length Comparator, Digital Indicator supports the following standards: ASTM C151ASTM C157ASTM C227ASTM C311ASTM C341ASTM C342ASTM C452ASTM C490ASTM C596, AASHTO M210, AASHTO T107, AASHTO T160

Alkali Reactivity Reaction Container


For determining potential alkali reactivity of aggregates (chemical method) when used with high alkali cements. Stainless steel unit is 2″ dia. x 2.25″ high (51mm dia. x 57mm) fitted with air-tight cover. 50-75ML capacity.