The Wescor Vapro® Model 5600 Vapor Pressure Osmometer, can be used to determine the osmolality in any type of sample: fluids, viscous, and even tissue.  As a result, the instrument has great versatility in clinical medicine or biomedical research. The Vapro 5600 requires a sample volume of only 10 microliters and osmolality is displayed in 90 seconds.

This late model instrument is in premium condition and comes with a sample pipettor, sample discs, thermocouple cleaning solutions, starter set of osmolality standards, Vapro Lab Report Software, and instruction manual.  It is priced at about half the cost of a new unit and comes with a 60-day warranty.

Features include:

  • Very user-friendly and all functions are menu driven
  • Automatic thermocouple cleaning
  • Mechanized sample slide operations
  • Robust self-diagnostics for complete monitoring of osmometer functions
  • Computer and printer interface capability
  • Vapro Lab Report Software on CD for transferring measurements directly to a printable report
  • Superb accuracy with error less than 1%
  • Self-cleaning thermocouple to reduce maintenance and improve performance
  • Easy calibration by push of a button to automatically set the calibration parameters
  • Economical with low initial cost and inexpensive proprietary supplies


  • Minimum sample volume = 10 uL
  • Measurement range:  20 to 3200 mmol/kg
  • Measurement time:  90 seconds
  • Resolution:  1 mmol/kg
  • Repeatability:  2 mmol/kg standard deviation
  • Calibration:  Automatic using Opti-Mol osmolality standards
  • Readout:  240 x 128 pixel backlit LCD
  • Operating temperature:  Indoor use between stable 15-37 deg C
  • Serial outputs:  RS-232 (ASCII format)
  • USB device:  Type-B receptacle
  • Line voltage:  100 – 240 Volts AC @ 50-60 Hz transient
  • Power:  40 Watts maximum
  • Size (H x W x D):  20 cm (8”) x 28 cm (11”) x 36 cm (14”)
  • Weight:  6.8 kg (15 lbs)
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