Autoclave AEX-408-2 for cement industries


Laboratory Cement Autoclave
Ref. Standard-ASTM C188, C141, C151
Model: AEX-408-2 Brand: Aimil
Country of Origin : India
 Consists of a Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel with insulated
outer shell.
 Fabricated out of high quality Stainless Steel Sheet.
 The pressure inside the vessel is controlled through a micro
processor based PID controller.
 Spring loaded safety valve pressure gauge
 PID controller with RTD for control of heaterunit
Technical Specifications:
 Working Pressure: 21 ± 1 kg/cm2 at 2150 C
 Pressure vessel: ID 150 mm x Depth 500 mm
 Weight: 70 kg
 Heater: 2,000 Watt
 Size: 480 (W) x 580 (D) x 1,100 (H)
 Supply: 220V, 50 Hz, 1Ph
 Panel mounted PID controller with international safety
Analogue with Pressure Gauge & Digital temperature Controller
Additional Pressure Gauge for autoclave:-
It is required to make the autoclave usable while pressure gauge
calibration period


Domestic Cream Separtor, 60 L/Hr


Specifications: – 60 Liter/Hr.

Hand Operated Cream Separator Machine

  • Machine Capacity : 60 Liter / Hr.
  • Tank Cap. : 5 Liter
  • No of S.S. Discs : 9
  • Provision to Operate by Hand : 60 Rpm
  • Separation Temperature: 35 – 40 C / 95-108 F
  • Solid Removal Time : 1.5 Hour
  • Machine Length : 380 mm X Width : 320 mm X Height : 500 mm
  • Machine Weight: Net: 13 Kg Gross: 30 Kg Approx.
  • Bowl Material: M.S. / S.S. 304
  • Spout Set Material: CRCA Sheet / S.S. 304 Sheet
  • Receiving Tank Material: Aluminum Sheet / S.S. 304 Sheet

Water Distillation Unit, Laboid, India



Water Distillation Unit – LABOID – 400M models are designed for reliable continuous operation incorporating a host of features unmatched by comparable stills.


Abundant Output. The still provides, 4 Liter/hr of distilled water produced through a power input of 3KW by a chromium-plated heater housed in a horizontal Glass Boiler

  • The distilled output is cool ensured by a high-efficiency condenser. The temperature of distillate 25o C – 40o C tested for an ambient room temperature of 30o C.
  • All units carry Marking.

Specification for glass made water distillation plant

Output 4 liters/hr
Ph 5.5 – 6.0
Conductivity (using raw water) 3.0 – 4.0μScm-1
Conductivity (using treated water) 1.5 – 2.0μScm-1
Temperature 25 – 35°C
Distillate quality Pyrogen free
Power 220/240v,50/60Hz.
Single-phase 3KW Heater.
Water supply Min.flow rate 1litre/min.
Min Pressure 3 p.s.i.(0.2 x 105 NM-2)
Dimensions,(w x d x h) 50 x 45 x 45 cm.
Weight 12kg(approx).



Fabric marker pen_Classic, India


Fabric classic marker pen for marking on grey cloth, cotton, silk, rayon, hosiery, wooden, synthetics or blended fabrics products. This fabric marker pen has high visibility showing upon fabric dyed in any colors shade after the complete process.

Classic MARK PEN has been developed for marking on Grey Cloth, Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Hosiery, Wooden, Synthetics OR Blended Fabrics products from the loom stage for identification before being bleached, dyed or printed.
Classic Mark pens are for permanent marking which endures various Textile Processes under acidic/alkaline Chemicals and High Temperature & Pressure condition.
The Markings are indelible which dries instantly and does not bleed, stain or damage the fabric.
Its simple in use like ball pen, ensures clear, smooth and continuous marking
Classic MARK PEN has high visibility which shows upon fabric dyed in any colours shade (dark, bright & light) after complete process.
It leads to considerable economy i.e. One Mark pen marks 600-700 piece length.
It’s a must for convenience and efficiency to the processing department.

Classic Mark Pen is for permanent markings on grey cloth from loom stage to be marked for certification before bleaching, dyeing, printing or finishing. Our unique mark pen is the basic necessity of every processing unit. Classic mark pen is durable against various acidic, alkaline, chemicals, high temperature in textile processes & pressure conditions. This is widely used in, Textile Processors, Textile Mill Gin Stores, Accessories Suppliers
Textile Export-Import House
Hosiery Knitting & Processing Units
Spinning, Twisting & Weaving Units
Grey Merchant & Grey Manufacturing Unit

Available color– Golden Yellow, Yellow (Special), Red, Green, Blue, Black, Orange, White, Lemon
Net Weight: 65 gms* / 80 gms
Std. Packs: 10 Pcs

Digital cross hatch tester, Semi-Automatic, Presto

Cross hatch tester details:
Brand Prestro
Application Industrial
Grade Semi-Automatic
Display Type Digital
Supply AC
Power Source Electric
Material aluminium ,ss
Model No PCHT – 0172

Presto Cross Hatch Cutter is an effective cutting tool available with 1,2 or 3 mm blades. It is used to assess the adhesion or resistance to separation of coatings from substrates. Presto Cross cutter is safe and simple to use. Cutter size used is determined on the basis of the coating thickness of the substrate.
The instrument is widely used in various forms to assess adhesion of paint coatings.

  • Robust design
  • Large, non slip grip
  • Ideal for thin, thick or hard coatings