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ECO 6 Thermoreactor, COD Analysis


6-position thermoreactor for Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) with settable temperature (up to 200 °C) and operating time (up to 199 minutes).

Precise Control

  • Electronic temperature control
  • Temperature regulation from ambient to 200 °C
  • Analysis time can be set from 1 to 199 minutes or continuous

High Versatility

  • Processes up to 6 x 200 ml test tubes, Ø 42 mm
  • Or 6 x 22 mm test tubes or 18 Ø 16 mm test tubes
  • LCD countdown display shows the temperature and remaining time

Fast & Economical

  • COD analysis in only 30 minutes at 160 °C
  • 16 mm diameter tubes minimize reagent consumption
  • LCD display for immediate understanding

Optimized Selection

  • Automatic shut-down at run end
  • Acoustic signals, e.g., at shut-down
  • Antisplash bells protect the user and other sample


Construction material: Epoxy painted metal structure
Holes number and diameter: 6 positions (Ø 42 mm)
Set temperature: display visualization
Countdown: display visualization
End of the cycle: acoustic signal with automatic switch-off
Power: 700 W
Weight: 5.6 Kg (12.3 lb)
Dimensions uncrated (WxHxD): 198x132x319mm (7.8×5.2×12.6 in)
Dimensions crated (WxHxD): 400x280x270 mm
Selectable working temperatures: from room temperature to 200 °C, resolution 1 °C
Selectable working times: from 0 to199 minutes or continuous operation
Temperature stability: ± 0.5 °C
Temperature homogeneity: ± 0.5 °C
Temperature precision: ± 1 °C
Overtemperature safety
Reaching of set temperature: visual signal
Countdown: visual signal
End of cycle: acoustic and visual signal
Probe interruption: acoustic and visual signal
Broken probe: acoustic and visual signal
Exceed temperature range: acoustic and visual signal