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Eddy Jet 2 – Spiral plater


Technical Specifications

Reproducibility > 99%
Time for a full cycle 30 s (disposable syringes make disinfection unnecessary)
Spreading modes stored 22 spread modes (44 counting those for 150mm Petri plates)
Petri plate diameters 90 and 150 mm
Minimum step volume < 10 nl
Maximum pipeted volume 100 μl
Syringe material Polypropylene
Plunger material Polyethylene H.D.
Auto checking Programmed in 6 regions
Touch screen 5.71 in
Operating system Windows embedded CE 6.0 R3
External balance connection Serial RS232 DB9
Printer connection Serial RS232 DB9
Barcode reader connection Specific connection for IUL barcode readers
Connection for updates Ethernet/ USB pendrive
Additional connections for peripherals 2 x USB Host ports
Dimensions (WxHxD) 51.5 x 42 x 50 cm / 20.3 x 16.5 x 19.7 in
Weight 20 Kg / 44 lb.
Motion control Microcontroler regulated stepper motors
Automatic Colony Counter

SphereFlash® – Automatic Colony Counter


Technical Specifications

Petri dish maximum usable diameter 90mm Computer interface: USB 3.0 Type-A socket Mains AC adaptor
Output 12V DC 3.43A
Power Range 90~264 VAC
Frequency Range 47~63Hz
Maximum Power 40W
Overvoltage Category II
Air temperature 15-30oC (59-86oF)
Relative humidity 10-75% (non-condensing) Altitude: Up to 2000m (6500ft)
Place of operation For indoor use only
Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Pollution level 2
Dimensions 288x220x371 mm (1.34×8.66×14.6 in) Weight: 5,5Kg (12.13 lb)

Computer Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® 7, 8.1,10 (x64 platforms).
  • 1 free USB 3.0 Port.
  • 8 Gigabytes of RAM memory.
  • 100 Megabytes of free disk space and 100 Gigabytes for the Database (for 5000 results stored with images).
  • FullHD screen (1920x1080px) recomended.
  • 24’’ screen size recommended.
  • Microsoft Excel® 2007 or higher, 64 bits to open exported Excel® files.
  • A virtual PDF printer to create PDF reports.