Since 1911 MACHEREY-NAGEL represents high quality, innovation, and reliability in Biomolecular and chemical analysis. Friendly expert advice for our highly-valued customers as well as outstanding product quality has been the cornerstones of our corporate success for over 100 years. The family-owned business is being run by the fourth generation.

With more than 470 highly qualified and experienced employees MACHEREY-NAGEL provides the best and most convenient service to our customers.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes products for Filtration, Rapid Tests, Water Analysis, Chromatography, and Bioanalysis. We are proud to carry more than 20,000 products designed and manufactured to fit your individual needs.

As a result of innovative research and development activities for years MACHEREY-NAGEL products are regarded as very reliable analytical tools worldwide. Numerous patents and third party certifications (ISO, CE, FDA, etc.) underline our expertise.


Cellulose filters, Ashless filter papers, Ashless hardened filter papers, Qualitative filter papers, Qualitative hardened filter papers, Technical filter papers, Chromatography papers, Glass fiber filters, Glass fiber filters without binder, Glass fiber filters with binder, Quartz fiber filters, Membranes, Extraction thimbles, Cellulose extraction thimbles, Glass fiber extraction thimbles, Special filter products, Weighing aids, Phase separation papers, Lens paper – José paper, Ion exchange papers, Antibiotic resistency paper, Surface protection paper, Filtering aids, Syringe filters, Industries and applications, Electro plating, Sewage plants, Sugar industry, Soil analysis, Brewery analysis, Fat determination, pH tests, pH-Fix, PEHANON, pH universal indicator papers, Duotest and Tritest, Other pH indicators, Semi-quantitative test strips, QUANTOFIX, AQUADUR and other test strips, DiaQuant, Moisture indicators, Qualitative test papers, Test strip readers, Reflectometer, Reflectometer accessories, Urinalysis, Urine test strips, Control solutions, Urine analyzers, Urine analyzer accessories, Industries and applications, Disinfection, Aqua culture, Beverage industry, Dairy industry, Food industry, Horticulture, Lubricants, Science, School, Medical diagnostics, Visual test kits, VISOCOLOR alpha, VISOCOLOR ECO, VISOCOLOR HE, VISOCOLOR Powder Pillows, VISOCOLOR accessories, Photometric tests, NANOCOLOR tube tests, NANOCOLOR robot tests, NANOCOLOR ECO reagent kits, NANOCOLOR standard tests, NANOCOLOR decomposition reagents, Tube test for third party photometers, NANOCOLOR accessories, Analytical quality assurance, NANOCONTROL standard and spiking solutions, Interlaboratory trial, Equipment inspection monitoring, Photometers, Spectrophotometers, Filter photometers, Photometer accessories, Heating blocks, Heating blocks, Heating block accessories, Microbiological analysis, BioFix nitrification inhibition tests, BioFix luminous bacteria toxicity tests, BioFix luminometer, BioFix accessories, Reagent cases, Reagent cases without reagents, Reagent cases with reagents, Reagent case accessories, Microscopy 2.0, Monitoring for sewage plants, Monitoring for biogas, Solid phase extraction (SPE), SPE columns, Automated SPE, SPE multi 96-well plates, QuEChERS mixes, SLE / LLE, SPE adsorbents, SPE accessories, Sample filtration, Syringe filters, Filtration cartridges, Filtration multi 96-well plates, Vials and caps, Vials, Inserts, Closures, caps and septa, Combinations (pre-sealed/assembled, combi pack), Vial racks and container, Crimping and decapping tools, Flash chromatography / LC adsorbents, Flash cartridges, Flash and LC adsorbents, Flash glass columns, Flash accessories, HPLC and UHPLC, HPLC and UHPLC columns, HPLC adsorbents, HPLC accessories, Thin layer chromatography (TLC), TLC / HPTLC plates and sheets, TLC micro sets, TLC adsorbents and accessories, Gas chromatography (GC), GC columns, GC precolumns and retention gaps, Derivatization reagents for GC, GC accessories, Kits, Plasmid DNA, Clean up, RNA, DNA, Viral RNA / DNA, Protein, Bead tubes, Accessories, Auxiliary tools, Sample materials, Body fluids, Cells, Tissues, Plants, Agarose gels, Forensic samples, PCR reaction mixtures, FFPE, Food, Soil, Stool, Water, Swabs, Research areas, Single cell analysis, Food safety Microbiology, Environmental testing, Plant research, Forensic, Animal health, Cancer research, Liquid biopsy research, Microbiome, HTP, 8-well strips, 96-well plates, Magnetic beads, Bio brands, NucleoBond, NucleoSpin, NucleoSnap, NucleoType, NucleoFast, NucleoMag, NucleoSEQ, Protino

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