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EYELA 1L Rotary Evaporator with Water Bath


·    Economic and durable rotary evaporator with a flexible modular design. Accommodates an integrated vacuum controller,
solvent recovery system, and vacuum pump. Easily adapted to meet more demanding needs.
·    Equipped with SB-1000 digital water bath. The SB-1000 is designed for standard applications and accommodates up to a 3L
volume, with a 50ml to 1000ml evaporating flask range.
·    The water bath features an integrated overheat protector and thermal fuse with PTFE coating, providing greater durability
and protection against corrosion.
·    Clear and easy to use control panel.
·    Unique weight balancing slide jack and newly developed lock mechanism enable smooth up/down motion and reliable lock.
·    Extension slide on slide jack provides maximum lift of 260 mm (10 ¼”), making it easy to handle trap bulbs and small flasks.
·    Base, jack, glassware, and bath are made in compact design. The existing glassware components can be interchanged.
·    Dewar glassware set (instead of Diagonal) with adaptor to prevent the condensed solution from being refluxed into the
sample flask through the capillary feed tube.
·    The Dewar condenser is designed for low boiling point applications.
·    Excellent corrosion resistant all Teflon vacuum seal (optional accessory) is available which is suitable for recovering the
organic solvents with low boiling points.


Model N-1001T-W
Cat. No. 217009
Type With SB-1000 digital water bath
Condenser Dewar condenser glassware, nozzle OD: 3/8″(10mm),

OD: 4 3/8″x 13 3/8″(110x340mm), ID: 3 5/8″x9 1/8″(91x230mm)

Rotation speed 20-180rpm
Motor Induction motor 25W
Evaporating capacity 20ml/min Max. (water)
Evaporating flask Pear shaped flask, l liter, NS 24/40
Receiving flask Round bottom flask, l liter, ball joint size: 35/20
Jack function Manual slide (weight balance slide + extension slide)
Jack stroke 4 3/8″(110mm)+5 7/8″(150mm) (weight balance slide+extension slide)
Rotary joint (vapor duct) ID 3/4″(18mm) x Length 7″(178mm), NS 24/40
Stand base T shape base 15 3/4″(400mm) x 12 5/8″(320mm)
Ultimate vacuum 4mbar (399.9Pa) or less
Vacuum seal Teflon + Teflon/Viton double seal
Safety features Fuse, independent over temperature cut off
Bath Temperature Range 5ºC above ambient to 90ºC
Accuracy ±1.5ºC
Display Digital set and read out, Min. figures 1ºC
Heater 1kW (drum heating) for water
Bath Size, Material and Capacity ID 9 1/8″(230mm) x 6 3/8″(160mm) x 4″(100mm)H, SUS 304, 3 liters
Additional Power Outlet Max 1A
Ambient Operating Temperature 5 to 35ºC
Dimensions 21 1/8″(535mm)W x 14″(355mm)D x 28 3/4″(730mm)H,

38 3/5″(980mm)H Max.

Power 1035VA, 115V, 60Hz
Weight 25.5lb (11.6kg)
Availability Manufacturer direct shipment

Product Details

Includes: Rotary evaporator assembly with manual lift and rotation control, Dewar condenser, 1L receiving flask (round bottom, ball joint size: 35/20), 1L evaporating flask (Pear shaped, NS 24/40), Rotary joint (vapor duct, Length 7″(178mm), NS 24/40), Glass capillary (Inlet feed tube, 27” (685mm), NS19/40 Teflon tube), SB-1000 digital water bath.
Required Accessories: Vacuum pump or system and associated connections.
Warranty: 2 Years.