Persil color megaperls, 1.48 Kg

Persil Color Megaperls Detergent 1.48 Kg Pack
Brand: Persil
Pack Size: 1.48 Kg Pack



  • Persil Color Laundry Detergent Megaperls 20 Loads.
  • Persil Megaperls Color is a high-efficiency concentrated laundry detergent specially formulated to protect dark and bright colors.
  •  It ensures the best cleaning performance while being gentle on your clothes and the environment.
  • Persil Megaperls Color will keep colors bright and clothes looking new longer.
  • Use about 1/4 cup per load.
  • Pictures and Images are for illustration purposes only.
  • 30 total Loads.

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White persil detergent

White persil detergent powder


The Persil formula with German technology gives you the superior cleanliness thatnks to its uniques millions of stain remover molecules.

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