Moisture meter


Precision for the most important reference variable in combine harvesting – reliability during threshing, drying and storage

  • Easy to operate
  • Fast measurement
  • Automatic temperature correction
  • Wide measuring range of more than 30 % moisture content
  • 14 products can be read off directly


Pour the sample (11 ml) into the bottom part of the measuring cell and screw the measurement cell together using the ratchet. Fit the measurement cell to the measuring instrument, turn the switch to the relevant product and press the measuring key. The HE 50 carries out the measurement in seconds, automatically corrects the temperature and displays the measurement result. The measurement cell, which has been specially developed for agriculture, allows a wide range of products to be measured. The homogenization of the sample in the measurement cell provides the optimum prerequisites for accurate moisture measurement. The HE 50 is therefore extremely reliable with freshly harvested grain up to the high measuring range. The HE 50 can be calibrated for more than 200 different products, and is therefore the most versatile moisture meter on the market. Calibrations for peanuts and false oat-grass, grasses and other grain crops are also available.

Temperature measurement

Control of the temperature in the grain store is crucial for quality and storage capability. The HE 50 is also equipped for a temperature measurement.

With the new HE 50 Grain Moisture app, the HE 50 BT (optionally available) can easily be remote-controlled.

Connect the device to the app and make measurements.
The results with date, time, comments and the position of your smartphone (GPS coordinates) can be saved, forwarded and exported.

Technical data

Product Power supply Dimensions Weight Item number
HE 50 9 V monobloc battery 220x120x65 mm 1.7 kg 1150 0010
HE 50 BT 9 V monobloc battery 220x120x65 mm 1,7 kg 2250 0020


Accessories Item number
Measurement cell for floury products and hops 2150 0020
Temperature measuring probe, 1 m 2150 0110
Temperature measuring probe, 1.5 m 2150 0120
Temperature measuring probe, 2 m 2150 0130
Measuring cable for temperature measuring probe, 3 m 2250 0055
Measuring cable for temperature measuring probe, 5 m 2250 0056

Seed counting and filling device

Contador & ContafillSeed Counting and Filling Unit is able to count seeds from 0.3 mm to 15 mm at high counting speed and packaging with Contafill at the same time.

  • High count speed exact count
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet work
  • Flexible


The feeding container is held in place by the electromagnet and vibration induced during counting. The material to be counted reaches the outlet and falls into the chamber through a photoelectronic counter.


The display shows the preset amount and count in automatic mode. In manual mode, it also shows the selected counting speed and seed size. The keyboard is used to select various operating modes such as addition count and differential count.

User friendlyContador automatically chooses the counting speed based on the size of the material to be counted. This guarantees optimum use of the counting capacity and minimizes counting time while maintaining the accuracy of the counting. Shortly before the count ends, CONTADOR reduces the count speed so that more seeds are not counted preset. Counting speed can also be adjusted manually. The tool stops counting, counting when there is no hopper or feeding container, and notifies any malfunction on the screen. Large size particles are not counted. Thus, for example, rapeseed in the pea sample falls into the reservoir without counting. It is possible to control the counting of the particles by manually adjusting the seed size.


New Generation Seed Counting Device

New generation seed counting device can count up to 5000 seeds per minute thanks to high speed (5 parallel counting channels) counting and filling process.  Compatible with Contafill filling unit.

  • High speed counting and filling
  • Counting speed up to 5000 / min
  • Compact design
  • Filling station compatible with Contafill 2
  • Fully controllable with PC software
  • Removable feeding containers for rape and cereals
  • Robust and reliable operation
  • Counting and filling of small seeds and grains
  • With five parallel counting channels

Increase the efficiency of counting operations

Application area

Contador 2 is a newly developed instrument based on practical experience with the famous seed counter Contador. The proven use of feed containers, short feed distance and high count precision are now complemented by a much higher count rate. It reached about you with the traditional Contador. It takes 90s to count 1000 rams, with Contador 2 it only takes 12s. Feed containers for small seeds (no. 1) or grains (no. 2) provide fast and flexible use for different seed types. This concept allows rapid replacement of samples without having to empty counting channels.


The feeding container is placed on Contador 2 and the sample is filled. The device automatically recognizes the container and loads the most suitable parameters. After defining the count quantity, a magnet holds the feed container and causes a vibrating element oscillation. A specially developed algorithm provides an optimal feed rate to ensure a high count rate and accuracy. Counting parameters and feed rate can also be set individually and saved in a separate configuration. The container is designed for a volume of 250 cm³. This is approximately approx. 35,000 rapeseed. Wheat (270 cm³) version approx. 4,500.


Thanks to its light and compact plastic body, Contador 2 is very flexible in use. Feed containers, counting channels and feeding plate are made of anodized aluminum.
For larger sample quantities, automatic sample feeding is optional.The Contador 2 is equipped with a serial RS232C and a Contafill interface to which the filling station can be connected.

PC Software

The “ SeedCount ” software  makes it possible to fill the sample series with the filling station  Contafill . The number of bags as well as the number of bags can be defined in the “manual count” mode. Auto mode uses XLS tables, which makes it possible to complete heterogeneous count lists in a very short time.

A label printer can print information such as the test location and the number of grains. The operator only has to separate the bags, attach the empty ones and apply the corresponding tags. The request to replace the original sample is confirmed directly by the operator by the computer.


RIFFEL soil dividers


Riffle-type dividers

  • It is made of stainless steel, there is no static electricity.
  • The divider is made without any loose parts.
  • Operator friendly ..


Riffle Divider is used to halve samples of Grains, seeds, oilseeds and other granular products. When the product is poured into the chamber, it is divided into two equal parts by a series of grooves alternating in a reciprocal direction.

For homogeneous and representative division of samples

Load the test into the suspended tank and close it with tipping. If the sample is to be further split, pour the contents of the drawer back into the suspended container and repeat the split.

p / no. Sample amount hinged cont. Number of channels Measure channel. Weight
1745 0020 3 liters one 10 19.2 8.0
1745 0021 3 liters one 18 10.3 8.5
1745 0022 5 liters one 18 19.1 13.0
1745 0023 5 liters 2nd 18 19.1 13.0
1745 0019 5 liters one 34 9.8 13.5
1745 0024 5 liters 2nd 34 9.8 13.5
1745 0025 10 liters one 10 29.0 15.0
1745 0018 10 liters 2nd 10 29.0 15.0
1745 0026 10 liters one 18 15.2 15.5
1745 0027 10 liters 3 18 15.2 15.5
1745 0028 18 liters 3 18 28.2 23.6
1745 0029 18 liters 3 34 14.5 24.0



Hectolitre Measurement System Chondrometer 0,5 ltr.

  • Sturdy structure (stainless steel)
  • Easy to use
  • In a compact bag
  • Exact measurement values ​​and good repeatability
  • Five times faster than traditional mechanical measurements


An example falls into the chondroma with the precursor. The content is weighed on a compact digital scale with a plastic cup. Then the determination of the hectoliter weight (kg / hl) of single grains is carried out with the correction table.

Due to its economical price, this device is particularly suitable for farmers, grain acceptance, universities and field tests.


Malt analyzer or Friabilimeter, Pfeuffer


Friabilimeter – Malt Analyzer

  • Your malt is crispy and all hyacinth
  • quick and easy analysis method
  • application-oriented determination of brewing value
  • simplifies malt analysis
  • solid and solid structure

Easy evaluation of malt brewing value for beer and malt houses.


Brewers need high-quality malts for affordable beer production. These malts must be produced and evaluated by maltsters. Friabilimeter enables easy and fast determination of malt milling in practice. Friabilimeter provides control of malt quality immediately after firing. Irregularities can be detected and corrected in the malting process. Beer can determine the malt quality immediately after delivery and apply consistent malt mixes accordingly. This avoids unnecessary problems.


The malt sample is mechanically divided into hard and friable parts. For this purpose, the grains are pressed against the rotating knitting wire by the pressure force of a fixed pressure rubber coated roller for a period of 8 minutes. While the accessible malt pieces pass through the sieve wire, glass grains and hard pieces remain inside the sieve drum.


Excessive hyaline has a negative effect on the crushing and lautering process. During the brewing process, problems will arise during melting cleaning, fermentation and filtration. In this regard, effects and year are possible depending on the type.

Official methods

Friabilimeter is a tool for determining malt friability according to EBC-method 4.15, MEBAK and ASBC Malt-12. Pfeuffer GmbH has established a Friabilimeter network in cooperation with the EBC-Analysis Committee to determine the mandatory reference fragility value.

Analysis process

Weigh 50 g ± 0.01 g malt sample and fill it into Friabilimeter. The device then opens, the lateral pull handle is pulled down and locked into the bottom stop notch. The device switches off after 8 minutes. Glassy malt pieces remaining in the sieve drum are weighed and 100% attributable crumb value is calculated.

Hard malt pieces are divided between the section hyaline and the whole hyaline. Increased portions of all hyaline cereals reduce the brewing value. Then all the grains that are All are separated from the glassy malt pieces. This fraction is expressed as 100%, it is considered as a whole hyaline. The contents of the sieve drum are shaken on a separation screen with a slit width of 2.2 mm for 60 seconds. The part remaining on the sieve is accepted as the section hyaline.


The  setting of the friabilimeter can be controlled by reference malt with a known fragility. The device can be adjusted thanks to the adjustment screw on the upper part of the body. The calibration set provided is used to control the pressure cylinder and spring pressure.

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