The new APP R Series Precision Balance is a continuation of the APP line and have a 348×260 mm pan. They feature a quality LCD display with clear presentation of weighing results.  The display also has a new text information line providing additional messages and data – e.g. product name or tare value.
The new R series product line also features pictograms that signal the activated working mode, connection with the Internet, the battery charge level, and balance service functions. The selection of displayed measuring units has also been increased.  Every R series balance features a magneto-electric measuring system (with an internal adjustment option for the R2 balances) along with several communication interfaces: 2 x RS 232, Type A USB, Type B USB and optional WiFi. The housing is made of plastic, and the pan is made of stainless steel.
Under Hook Weighing provides the option of hanging loads under the pan.  This is an alternative for weighing loads of non-standard dimension, or loads emitting electromagnetic field. This method is also used for density determination.
The registered weighing results can be subject to further analysis using the following 5 databases for the R Series:
  • Users (up to 10).
  • Products (up to 1000).
  • Weighments (up to 5000).
  • Tares (up to 100).
  • ALIBI memory (up to 100,000 Weighments)
Direct access to additional modules is available at the keyboard level with the following keys:
  • Database – Direct database access.
  • Function – Direct basic function access.
  • F1 to F4 – Programmable function and navigational keys.





Maximum capacity [Max]: 50g

Readability [d]: 1mg

Moisture analyzer is a laboratory measuring instrument intended to determine relative humidity for small samples of different materials. MA.R series redefines moisture analyzers standards. This series has been equipped with brand new readable LCD display providing an extra text line for information such as supplementary messages and data, e.g. product name or tare value. The moisture analyzer, using respective pictograms, signalizes currently activated mode, computer connection and functions, both balance and service ones.
The MA.R series is enriched with various interfaces: RS232, USB type A, USB type B and Wireless Connection as an option. The moisture analyzer is housed in a plastic casing.
Information system of R series moisture analyzers is based on 6 databases, allowing many operators to operate product database comprising many samples. Collected measurements may be subjected to subsequent analysis.
Collected data is registered in 6 databases:

  • Users (up to 100 users)
  • Products (up to 1000 products)
  • Weighings (up to 1000 weighings)
  • Tares (up to 100 tares)
  • Programs (up to 100 drying programs)
  • Drying process reports (up to 1000 reports)

Exchange of information within the system is performed by means of USB port on bi-directional basis. It is possible to import and export databases using memory sticks.


Maximum capacity [Max] 50 g
Readability [d] 1 mg
Tare range -50 g
Maximum sample weight 50 g
Drying temperature range max 160 °C
Moisture content readability 0,001 %
Moisture content repeatability +/-0,05% (sample ~ 2g), +/-0,01% (sample ~ 10g)
Display LCD (backlit)
Heating module IR emitter
Drying method 4 drying profiles (standard, fast, step, mild)
Finish mode 4 modes (automatic, manual, time-defined, user-defined)
Additional functions sample traceability
Power supply 230V 50Hz AC
Power consumption 4 W
Heating module power 450 W
Operating temperature +10 – +40 °C
Weighing pan dimensions ø 90, h = 8 mm
Net weight 4,8 kg
Gross weight 6,3 kg
Packaging dimensions 470×380×336 mm
Communication interface 1×RS 232, USB-A, USB-B, Wireless Connection (option)
Maximum sample height h = 20 mm


PS-X2 Precission Balance

Precission balance


Maximum capacity [Max]: 210g

Readability [d]: 1m

PS.X2 series represents a new advanced level for precision balances.
The X2 series balances feature the latest generation capacitive display providing the maximum comfort of use, available right at your fingertips. Ease of operation, clear menu and practical arrangement of the display guarantee the best ergonomics for your everyday tasks. A wide array of available interfaces facilitate selection of the most optimal means for communication. The X2 series balances offer unlimited possibilities for cooperation with external devices, providing printing, copying, archiving and data transfer.
Built-in IR sensors allow numerous operations (e.g. tarring, transmitting the result to a printer or selecting successive steps of a particular process, etc.) to be performed handsfree, by simply moving a hand across the sensor. The housing is made of plastic, and the pan is made of stainless steel.

Databases in X2 series balances
In new PS.X2 series balances the information system is based on 7 databases which allow several users to work with database storing several products. The registered weighing results can be subject to further analysis.
The data is registered in 7 databases:

Users (up to 100 users),

Products (up to 5 000 products),

Weighments (up to 50 000 weighments),

Packaging (up to 100 packaging types),

Formulas (up to 100 formulas),

Clients (up to 1000 clients),

ALIBI memory (up to 512 000 weighments).

Maximum capacity [Max] 210 g
Minimum load 20 mg
Readability [d] 1 mg
Weighing pan dimensions 128×128 mm
Tare range -210 g
Repeatability 1 mg
Linearity ±2 mg
Minimum weight (USP) 1 g
Minimum weight (U=1%,k=2) 0,1 g
Stabilization time 2 s
Sensitivity drift 2 ppm/°C in temperature +10 – +40 °C
Operating temperature +10 – +40 °C
Power supply 12 ÷ 16 V DC
Display 5″ capacitive colour touch screen
Communication interface 2×RS 232, USB-A, USB-B, Ethernet, Wireless Connection
Packaging dimensions 470×380×336 mm
Adjustment internal (automatic)
Net weight 3,7 kg
Gross weight 5,3 kg
Database capacity 7
Power consumption 250 mA
Touchless operation 2 IR Sensors
Analytical balance

Analytical Balance


Maximum capacity [Max]: 220/2000g

Readability [d]: 1 / 10mg

PS R2.H series balances redefine the level of standard precision balances.

Not only do they share all the features of R series balances, but can also work in adverse operating conditions (condensed dust, drops of water falling down at different angles typical for IP 54).


These balances are equipped with innovative LCD display allowing for clear and legible presentation of a measurement result. Moreover, it offers new text line which supplies the user with some additional messages and information, e.g. product name or tare value.

PS.R.H balances are offered with round pans of two possible sizes: ø115mm and ø170mm. Balances with pans of a smaller size feature draft shield as well.


Additional asset of PS R2.H balances are their interfaces build-in a hermetic closed housing which is separated from the balance. The interfaces include 2×RS 232, USB type A, USB type B, and Wireless Connection optionally. Balance housing is made of plastic, whereas its pan of stainless steel.

Maximum capacity [Max] 220/2000 g
Minimum load 20 mg
Readability [d] 1 / 10 mg
Weighing pan dimensions ø115 mm
Tare range -2000 g
Repeatability 1 / 10 mg
Linearity ±2/20 mg
Stabilization time 2/1,5 s
Sensitivity drift 2 ppm/°C in temperature +10 – +40 °C
Operating temperature +10 – +40 °C
Power supply 12 ÷ 16 V DC
Display LCD (backlit)
Communication interface 2×RS 232, USB-A, USB-B, Wireless Connection (option)
Packaging dimensions 470×380×336 mm
Adjustment internal (automatic)
Net weight/gross weight 4,5/6,5 kg
XA 4Y.A analytical balance

Analytical balance


Maximum capacity [Max]: 52g

Readability [d]: 1mg

Innovative 2-point adjustment system
Brand new adjustment system guarantees the highest measurement accuracy. It minimizes linearity errors simultaneously providing reliable indications for the whole weighing range.

Faster measurement with the new CPU
4Y balances feature Dual Core 2 x 1 GHz processor which delivers noticeable performance improvements including faster operation and shorter stabilization time retaining high repeatability values.

8 GB RAM – more data management possibilities
8 GB RAM offers possibility of recording data in a form of complex reports. Time and statistic data diagrams on series of weighments are another useful option.

The best possible repeatability and USP regulations conformity
The best weighing accuracy and repeatability – with sd ≤ 1d combined with USP regulations conformity (Section 41 and 1251) make 4Y balances a new standard for mass measurement quality.

Ergonomics and safety
Wireless communication between balance terminal and a weighing unit make it possible to comfortably operate 4Y series balances in laminar air flow cabinets and fume cupboards.

Maximum capacity [Max] 52 g
Minimum load 10 mg
Readability [d] 1 mg
Weighing pan dimensions ø 100 mm
Tare range -52 g
Repeatability 0,05 mg
Linearity ±0,2 mg
Eccentric load deviation 0,2 mg
Sensitivity offset 2×10⁻⁶×Rt
Sensitivity temperature drift 1×10⁻⁶/°C×Rt
Sensitivity stability 1×10⁻⁶/Year×Rt
Minimum weight (USP) 120 mg
Minimum weight (U=1%,k=2) 12 mg
Weighing chamber dimensions 170×200×220 mm
Stabilization time 2,5 s
Operating temperature +10 – +40 °C
Power supply 13,5 ÷ 16 V DC
Display 5,7′ (touch screen)
Communication interface 2×USB, 2×RS 232, Ethernet, 4Inputs/4Outputs (digital), Wireless Connection
Packaging dimensions 720×385×485 mm
Atmospheric humidity 40% ÷ 80%
Adjustment internal (automatic)
Net weight 14,7 kg
Gross weight 19,1 kg
Power consumption 700mA (wireless terminal – 1A)