Double Beam Computer Controlled UV-Vis Spectrophotometer



Double Beam UV-VIS Scanning Spectrophotometer
Both PC controlled and standalone operation
Measurement mode: Photometric mode, Spectrum mode,
Quantitation mode, Kinetics mode, Time scan mode, Bio
method mode, and Maintenance and Shared function must be
ableavle with multi cell sample holder option.


Wavelength range: 190 to 1100 nm
Spectral bandwidth: 1 nm (190 to 1,100 nm)
Wavelength display: 0.1 nm increments
Wavelength setting: 0.1 nm increments (1 nm increments when setting scanning range)
Wavelength accuracy: ± 0.1 nm at D2 peak 656.1 nm, ± 0.3 nm for entire range
Wavelength repeatability: ± 0.1 nm
Wavelength slew rate: About 29,000 nm/min or better
Wavelength scanning speed: 29,000 nm/min~2nm/min or better
Lamp interchange wavelength: Automatic interchange linked to wavelength.
The interchange wavelength: can be set freely in the range of 295 to 364 nm (0.1 nm increments).

Stray light:
Less than 0.02% at 220 nm (NaI)
Less than 0.02% at 340 nm (NaNO2)
Less than 0.5% at 198 nm (KCl)
Photometric system: Should be double beam optics type
Photometric range: Absorbance: -4 to 4 Abs
Transmittance: 0% to 400%
Photometric accuracy: ± 0.002 Abs at 0.5 Abs, ± 0.004 Abs at 1.0 Abs, ± 0.006 Abs at 2.0 Abs
(measured using NIST930D/NIST1930 or equivalent.)
Photometric repeatability: Less than ± 0.0002 Abs at 0.5 Abs, Less than ± 0.0002 Abs at 1 Abs, Less than ± 0.001 Abs at 2
Baseline stability: Less than 0.0003 Abs/Hr (700 nm, one hour after light source turned ON)
Baseline flatness: Less than ± 0.0006 Abs (1100 to 190 nm, one hour after light source turned ON)
Noise level: Less than 0.00005 Abs (700 nm)
Light source: 20-W halogen lamp and deuterium lamp Built-in light source auto position adjustment
Monochromator: LO-RAY-LIGH grade blazed holographic grating in Czerny-Turner mounting
Detector: Silicon photodiode
Display: System should be 24-bit color touch screen display or better Sample compartment Distance between light beams: 100 mm
Data files saved in text format or UVPC format, UVPC-format files can be read directly by UVProbe and Lab solutions TM
UV-Vis Measurement up to eight designated wavelengths set in 0.1mm increments using Photometric mode Number of repeat scans: 1 to 99
Measurement time: 1 to 9999 sec/min Capable to automatic
concentration calculation using K-factor. Capable to Quantifies
DNA or protein concentrations.
Country of Origin: Japan
Power supply: 220-240V, 1-pH, 50Hz
Package includes as below:
Quartz Cell: Basic Unit Shimadzu Model UV1900i UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

with necessary Software.10mm Square Absorption Fused Silica
Quartz Cell- 1Pair. Power Cable for 240 V 2.4m USB interface
for data collection and to connect PC
Installation: Installation and operation must be provided by the
manufacturer certified engineer at user’s site.
Warranty: Warranty would be 12 months from the date of
installation or 14 months from the date of shipment whichever is
earlier. The warranty includes engineering visit,spares etc. but
not applicable to consumables, glass parts
Local Training: Local training for 3-working days must be
provided by the manufacturer certified engineer at free of cost.
Backup support: Two-year free backup support at free of cost.
Catalogue: Original catalogue in English must submit with offer.
Authorization: Manufacturer’s Authorization letter in original
letterhead pad must submit with offer. Third party authorization letter will not be acceptable.
Specific Instruction: The equipment must be brand new. The
instruments must not be manufactured or assembled before six
months of issuing work order. Manufacturing certificate
(including equipment serial number, brand name and
manufacturing date from manufacturer must submit with

Multi-Cell (6+1) Sample Compartment Number of cells: 6 on
the sample side 1 on the reference side (1set)

10mm Square Absorption Fused Silica (Quartz) Cel