Bottletop Dispenser, W/adapters,1.0to10.0ml, Chemical Resist


• Quick, easy and precise volume adjustment
• Volume:  1.0 to 10.0ml (other volumes available)
• Includes adapters to fit most common laboratory bottles
• Minimal force needed to operate the floating piston
• Closure cap protects against reagent contact
• Telescoping filling tube adjusts easily to different size bottles
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Entirely autoclavable at 121°C
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Manufactured with FTPE, FEP, PFA, PP
• Can be disassembled for thorough cleaning
• Operate these dispensers while wearing gloves


Microscope Cover Slips


The plain glass surface is free from irregularities. In boxes of 100.
Small cover slips: 22mm x 22mm with thickness 0.13 to 0.17mm (.005 to .002).

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