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SOLID HDS2-2100Pro Full HD DVB-S2 Set-Top Box with remote


Digital Set-top Box / IRD/ Down link receiver
For gaining access to internet and satellite
Free to Air MPEG 4 Receiver

INSAT C-Band (Input Freq. 4.5 t0 4.8 Ghz)

SOLID HDS2-2100Pro Full HD DVB-S2 Set-Top Box with Streaming, DLNA, and SATIP with Universal RemoteHere is Technical information:Chipset: MontageMemory – 1GBSupport Internet Streaming LinksSupport Wi-Fi Adapter by USB portsSupport External Pan drive by USB portsSupport Network APP (YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, SATiP, and DLNA, etc)Fully compliant with DVB-S2 Reception standardsHDTV/SDTV MPEG -2 & MPEG-4 H.264 DecodingSupport 576i /576p/720p/1080p FullHD ReceptionConvenient Blind search function Intelligent graphical user interface designCapacity for storing up to 2000 Transponders and 5000 channelsSupport DVB-S/S2 Digital TV signal modulated in QPSK/8PSKInput Frequency range 9…

About C-Band

C Band is the original frequency allocation for communications satellites.
C-Band uses 3.7-4.2GHz for downlink and 5.925-6.425Ghz for uplink.
The lower frequencies that C Band uses perform better under adverse weather conditions than the Ku band or Ka band frequencies.
C Band Variants
Slight C Band frequency variations are approved for use in various parts of the world.
Band TX Frequency RX Frequency
Extended C Band 5.850 – 6.425 GHz 3.625 – 4.200 GHz
Super Extended C-Band 5.850 – 6.725 GHz 3.400 – 4.200 GHz
INSAT C-Band 6.725 – 7.025 GHz 4.500 – 4.800 GHz
Palapa C-Band 6.425 – 6.725 GHz 3.400 – 3.700 GHz
Russian C-Band 5.975 – 6.475 GHz 3.650 – 4.150 GHz
LMI C-Band 5.7250 – 6.025 GHz 3.700 – 4.000 GHz
C Band Dishes
C Band requires the use of a large dish, usually 6′ across. C Band dishes vary, between 3′ and 9′ across, depending upon signal strength.
Because C Band dishes are so much larger than Ku and Ka Band dishes, a C Band dish is sometimes referred to in friendly jest as a BUD (Big Ugly Dish).

Note : We have successfully tested this Receiver on Bangabandhu1 Satellite for INSAT C-Band Signals.

Bangabandhu1 Satellite for Extended C-Band LNB

INSAT C-Band Filter LNBF/ LNB (Input Freq. 4.5 t0 4.8 Ghz)


SOLID 82152R INSAT C-Band Filter LNBF/ LNB

Model – 8215…R Series
Input Freq. (GHZ) – 4.5~4.8 GHz
Output Freq. (MHz) – 950-1250 MHz
L.O. Freq. & Stability – 5.950 GHz+/- 250KHz
Noise Temp. (@+25C) – 30K Max
Input VSWR – 2.5:1 Max
Image Rejection – 45 dBc min.
Conversion Gain – 65dB typ. 55dB min. 70dB max.
Output VSWR – 2.5 : 1 max.
Gain flatness – 4 dBp-p max.
Gain ripple – +/- 0.5 dB max.
1dB gain compression point – +5 dBm min.
Output impedance – 75ohms
Leakage {@input port) – -45dBm max.
Phase Noise – -65dBc/Hz @ 1KHz Offset
-80dBc/Hz @ 10KHz Offset
-95dBc/Hz @ 100KHz Offset
Power Supply – 012 to +24V DC
Required Current – 250 mA max.
Operating temperature – -40’C to +60’C
Storage temperature – -40’C to +80’C C33
Relative Humidity – 0% to 95% RH
Input waveguide flange – WR-229
If output connector – – F-Type female
Weight – 575g

Note : We have successfully tested this LNB on Bangabandhu1 Satellite for Extended C-Band Signals.