Digital colorimeter Simple OD monitor, miniphoto518R


Ideal for simple culture check. Compact size, easy operation.

Main uses

 Microbial turbidity measurement
 Colorimetric sample absorbance measurement
 Other applications requiring absorbance / transmittance measurement


Compact and lightweight for convenient use and transportation

Compact design

It is easy to move because it is small and takes up little space.

High accuracy despite being compact

Stable and highly accurate data is provided by using two silicon photodiodes for the detector. The high brightness LED of the light source can be used semi-permanently.

Easy operation

Zero adjustment of the blank solution is completed simply by pressing the CAL button. When the sample solution is set, the absorbance and transmittance are displayed. Pressing the HOLD button will hold the value, making it ideal for measuring cultures whose value tends to decrease over time.

Measure directly in the test tube used for culture

Sample volume is about 4ml

Use a test tube of Φ16.5 ~ 18mm or L type test tube of Φ18mm, and the measurement can be performed with a liquid volume of about 4ml.

Measurement wavelength can be changed by changing the filter

One high-precision monochromatic light glass filter 660nm is attached as standard. An optional interference filter is also available.


Type name miniphoto518R
Measurement range Absorbance 0.000-2.000A, transmittance 1-100% T
Measurement wavelength 660nm (* 1)
Measurement item Absorbance (A) and transmittance (% T)
light source High brightness LED
Detector Silicon photodiode
display Simultaneous display of absorbance and transmittance, with hold function
Measurement cell Glass Φ16.5-18mm test tube and L-shaped test tube (* 2)
interface RS-232C (for printer)
External dimensions 187 × 106 × 95Hmm
mass About 880g
Power supply AC100V
Standard accessories Glass filter (660nm) x 1, shading cap x 1 (* 3), AC adapter x 1

Slab electrophoresis system, TMN-5S


Adopting a structure in which both sides of the gel are immersed in buffer, reducing smile.

Main uses



For polyacrylamide gel

This is a slab electrophoresis device for medium size polyacrylamide gel.

Structure to reduce smiley

The slab type has a type that has a buffer tank only at the upper and lower ends of the gel.However, this product adopts a structure in which both surfaces of the gel are immersed in the buffer to reduce temperature unevenness due to heat generation, making it difficult for the smile phenomenon to occur. doing.


Type name TMN-5S
Glass plate dimensions 160W × 160Lmm
Gel thickness 1mm
The number of samples 14
External dimensions 200 × 95 × 220Hmm
Product configuration Electrophoresis tank x 1, glass plate x 1 set, comb x 1, packing x 1, L-shaped holder x 2, electrode cover x 1

Nitrogen gas generator N2 GENESIS 200


For supplying nitrogen to multi-gas incubator. Nitrogen is collected from the atmosphere and concentrated and supplied to a maximum of 99.9%. A nitrogen gas cylinder is no longer needed.

Main uses

 nitrogen supply to multi-gas incubator
 nitrogen supply to the culture apparatus of microaerophilic, anaerobic microorganisms
 nitrogen in centrifugal concentration and lyophilization purge
 Other applications that require nitrogen gas supply


No cylinder required, no worry about remaining amount. For low oxygen culture in a multi-gas incubator

This product is a device that concentrates and supplies nitrogen in the atmosphere.
Low oxygen culture consumes a large amount of nitrogen gas, but this product eliminates the need for a cylinder and eliminates concerns about remaining fuel (use a multi-gas incubator with a suitable supply pressure and flow rate).

For various applications that require nitrogen gas

Used in combination with a custom bioreactor shaker for cultivation of microaerobic and anaerobic microorganisms, or centrifugal concentration and nitrogen purging in lyophilizers (replace air in the container with nitrogen, which is an inert gas, to preserve samples) Has the effect of extending the period).

Concentrates atmospheric nitrogen up to 99.9%

Nitrogen makes up about 80% of the atmosphere. This product takes in the atmosphere, compresses it, and separates and concentrates only nitrogen with a filter made of hollow fiber membranes to supply high purity (up to 99.9%, depending on the flow rate) nitrogen to other equipment can.


Type name N2 GENESIS 200
Nitrogen gas supply pressure 0.5MPa max.
Flow rate and concentration 99.9% at 1L / min
99.5% at 3L / min
External dimensions 300 × 526 × 481Hmm
(Pisco hose connection diameter Φ6mm)
mass 35kg
Power supply AC100V ・ 7.5A
Standard accessories Air filter (spare) x 1, Pisco tube (Φ6mm x 5m) x 1
* Please contact us for replacement nitrogen gas generator when exhausted.

Small size culture rotator, RT-50


Rotator with standard capacity. Two types of line up with different speed.

Main Application

Immunoprecipitation inside refrigerator or cold room
Extraction of genomic DNA
Incubation of micro organism inside refrigerator or cold room


Two models with different speed

Rotation range of RT-5 is 0.5 – 5rpm and RT-50 is 5 – 50rpm. Please select by your purpose.

Variable angle of tilt

Container holder can freely change position between horizontal and vertical






Since tilt angle can change between 0 – 90º, you can apply inversed mix or rotation with optimum angle for container and holder.

Though it is compact, you can get double capacity by duplicate holder

Container holder can be set up to two for large capacity in compact size. You can use this machine inside constant temperature chamber.

Equipped with timer

It has 60min timer for repeat of short time procedure.

Stable rotation speed

Even at low speed, it can provide reproductive stable rotation speed by feedback control of AC motor.


Model RT-50
Rotation speed 5 – 50rpm
Angles 0º – 90º
Surroundings temperature +4ºC – +50ºC
Timer 60min
Dimensions 200 x 280 x 260Hmm (When tilted holder at 0º)
Weight Approx. 4kg (When one holder attached)
Power Supply AC100V 1A
Standard Accessory Angle indicating needle x 1, knob for fixing holder x 1, gasket for fixing holder x 1
Holder is option.

Micro size culture rotator, RT-30mini


Very compact rotator Easy rotate on bench top or inside refrigerator.

Main Application

Immunoprecipitation inside refrigerator or cold room
Extraction of genomic DNA
Incubation of micro organism inside refrigerator or cold room


Micro size design with palm size

Comfort to use inside incubator and refrigerator

Smallest of the series. It is easy to carry and can be used inside incubator, refrigerator and small space on bench top without any stress.

Works securely in surroundings of 0ºC – +50ºC.

Rotation speed is from 30rpm. Even though it is small performance is same as rest of the series

It can rotate at 3 – 30rpm and covers gap between other models in the series. Though it can’t operate by timer, it has almost the same function as other models in the series such as variable angle and two platforms.

Improved container holder

Line up with holder for centrifuge tubes and micro tubes. Characteristic of holder for this model is that micro tube can be load on holder for centrifuge tubes together as well.


Model RT-30mini
Rotation speed 3 – 30rpm fixed
Angles 0º – 90º
Surroundings temperature 0ºC – +50ºC
Dimensions 120 x 172 x 182Hmm (When holder is tilted 0º)
Weight Approx. 2kg (include holder)
Power Supply AC100V 0.1A
Standard Accessory Angle indicating needle x 1, knob for fixing holder x 1, gasket for fixing holder x 1
Holder for RT-5/50 in the series cannot be installed.
Not include holder.