PCR Thermal Cycler



  • Improved “Slow-Ramp” Feature: For CRISPR-Cas experiments, the temperature jump rate can be reduced up to 0.1⁰C seconds.
  • Cover temperature can be adjusted between 35⁰C and 120⁰C. In this way, it adapts to all PCR studies including NGS pre-study.
  • It has graphic display and touch keyboard. Easy to use and clean
  • It continues from where it left off after a power failure.
  • Very fast PCR optimization with gradient feature

Technicial Specifications:

Block type: 96-well; Available with 0.2ml PCR tubes, strip tubes, skirted, half-skirt and full-skirt microplates

Working temperature range: 4.0 – 99.9⁰C

Maximum heating rate: 3.0⁰C / second

Maximum cooling rate: 2.0⁰C / second

Gradient temperature range: 30 – 99⁰C

Gradient width: 24⁰C

Maximum number of programs : 200 sets

Encrypted program / file protection: Yes

Damaged starch analyser, Y41

Damaged starch analyser, Y41



Damaged Starch Analyser is based on working with an amperometric method in order to measure the starch damage in flour sample. The device measured the amount of iodine absorbed by starch granules in a diluted flour suspension with special solution. The test performs 1 g of flour sample approx. in 7 minutes. The necessary iodine is generated by the special probe of the device in order to determine the iodine absorption. The Damaged Starch Analyser gives the similar results as SD Matic. The test results are expressed as % of the iodine absorption (Ai), DSU, DSUc and AACC units. The more absorption of the iodine means more damaged starch.


– Easy to operate
– Rapid analysis (less than 10 minutes)
– Reliable results
– Fully automatic test
– Amperometric method
– No addition of enzyme
– Direct control from touchscreen LCD
– Less bench space

Main applications of the measurement of damaged starch are :

– Quality control of the flour
– Control the settings of the roller mills in the mill
– Improve dough yeald by adjusting water absorption ratio
– Adjust the stickiness of the dough
– Optimize the final product quality in terms of volume, color and shelf life

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions (H x D X W): 335 mm x 400 mm x 280 mm
Energy: 220 V 50 – 60 Hz
Net Weight: 12 Kg

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