Forced Convectional Drying Oven,30 Liter, FCO-30D


Forced Convection Dryer Cabinet

Model: FCO-30D

Manufacturer: TaisiteLab Sciences Inc, USA

Made in China


The FCO-Series Oven is the most commonly used in the laboratory. With the ability to rapidly heat and uniformly heat well, the FCO-Series Oven is widely used for drying, baking, dissolving wax, solidifying and heat treatment in university laboratories, industry and mining. waterfall, food processing, biochemistry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, etc.


1.High-grade material:

The shelf and drying chamber material is made of high-grade mirror-gloss stainless steel, convenient for cleaning and disinfection. Outside is Akzo electrostatic coated steel plate that prevents corrosion.

2.Good temperature uniformity:

The 30-liter to 125-liter models are the longitudinal side air system of the cabinet, the 230-liter model with the specially designed base-side air-intake system, to ensure temperature at locations in the chamber. dry evenly at ± 2.5%.

3.Hell and door insulation:

The cabinet sides, top and doors are all filled with insulation (glass not included), to ensure the operator does not get burned.

  1. Low noise

FCO oven uses high quality motor and soundproof material to protect the laboratory environment, the noise level is below 52db.

  1. Adjust the convection fan speed

With the L Series, the user can adjust the hot air convection fan speed through the control system on the controller to achieve the best working conditions.

  1. Independent temperature overcurrent protection limiter (Model L)

The L Series ovens have an additional independent digital limiter, which ensures the test will not be damaged by over temperature.

Technical parameters:

Forced hot air convection

Volume: 30 Liter

Set temperature range: From ambient temperature + 10 ℃ to 300 ℃

Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃

Temperature fluctuation: ± 1 ℃

Uniformity: ± 2.5%

Material of drying chamber: stainless steel (stainless steel)

Outer material: Cold rolled steel coated with anti-corrosive powder coating

Insulation: Aluminum silicate fiber

Heating system: stainless steel pipes

Heating power: 0.8Kw

Air outlet: 1 door above the top of the cabinet

Control system: PID Control

Display: Digital LED (LED digital)

Time setting: 0-9999 minutes

Sensor: PT100 safe over temperature alarm

Internal dimensions (WxDxHmm): 310 x 310 x 310

External dimensions (WxDxHmm): 428 x 500 x 723

Load capacity per shelf: 15 kg

Power supply: AC220V / 5.2A

Weight: 33 / 37kg

Provide cover:

Forced convection oven

Sample drying shelf 2 Pcs

Standard accessories: Power cord

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