Ultra pure water for LC MS, Wako, Japan


#Ultra Pure water

Pack size: 01 Ltr.
Brand : wako
Origin : Japan

Product Number :214-01301

Chemical Name :Ultrapure Water

CAS RN ®*1:7732-18-5

Grade :for LC/MS

Lot Number :ESN1595


               Analysis details

Appearance: Colorless clear liquid Test result-Colorless clear liquid

Density (20deg. C): 0.997 – 0.999g/mL Test result-0.998g/mL

Refractive index n D20: 1.332 – 1.334 Test result-1.333

Absorbance (210-400nm): max. 0.01 Test result-0.00

Residue after evaporation: max. 5ppm Test result-Passed

pH at 25deg. C: 5.0 – 7.5 Test result- 5.5

Particles(0.5um or more): max. 100/mL Test result-Passed

Peroxides (as H2O2): max. 0.5ppm Test result-Passed

Substances reducing permanganate: to pass test Test result-Passed

Fluorescence test: to pass test Test result-Passed

Gradient test: to pass test Test result-Passed

Total organic carbon (TOC): max. 4ppb Test result- Passed