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Constant Temperature Incubator

Constant Temperature Incubator



* Applicable in life-science, pharmacy, medical science, chemistry, biology, and related fields for storage of
samples which need a constant temperature and incubation
* Digital temperature display and control
* PID controller for temperature stability and safety protection
* Very good heating characteristics
* Ecologically friendly
* Easy to clean
* Timer function with possible setting of start time and duration
* 3 pre-programmed often used temperature settings
* Can be opened anytime when necessary
* Temperature measure unit can be set as either °C or °F
* When the temperature exceeds set levels and reaches the set safety value, an alarm activates, power is cut off, and the incubation process stops
* The material of the observation window is tempered glass, which has good safety and sealing characteristics
* The magnetic door and high-quality gasket can absorb external shocks and compriseexcellent sealing
* Easy to clean stainless steel shelves with good air permeability and adjustable height
* In case of temperature deviations, the BIAS function sets in, which makes operation convenient
* For the case of an unexpected power breakdown the incubator offers two working options: Automatic re-
operation and automatic stop
* Upon opening the incubator, a light turns on, and the fan and heating device stop operation
* Alarm sound for sample protection sets in when the door is open for more than 60 seconds


Model WH-05
Volume (L) 50
Temperature Range Ambient Temperature + 5°C ~ 80°C
Temperature Accuracy <±0.1℃
Temperature Stability ± 0.1℃(37℃)
Temperature Controller Touch Control; Digital Display with PID automatic regulation
Materials Interior: Stainless steel ; Shelves: Polished stainless steel ; Inner glass door: 5 mm high temperature resistant safety glass  Casing: Steel plate, Spray coating ; Heat insulation: Inflammable polystyrol
Timer Start / Stop setting; Max. 99hr 59min; Unit: 1 min
Heating Capacity 450W
Mains Requirements AC 220~240 V,50/60 Hz
Shelves (included / max.) 2/3
Inner Dimensions (W × D × H in mm) 400 x 400 x 320
Outer Dimensions (W × D × H in mm) 510 x 535 x 698