Leak Tester


Leak Tester – MFY-01 is professionally designed for the leakage tests of packages for food, drugs, medical instruments, daily chemical products, cars, electronic components, stationeries and other industrial products. The instrument also can be used to test seal performance of specimens after falling and compression tests.

Leak Tester – QT-LT is used to test the hermetic sealing quality and performance of packaging bags, bottles, cans and so on. It is used in food industry, beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care etc.

eak and Seal Strength Detector – LSSD-01 is professionally applicable to the quantitative determination of seal performance, seal quality, burst pressure, compression resistance, torsion force and joint/disengaging force of flexible packages, aseptic packages, various plastic pilfer-proof closures, flexible tubes, caps and other materials.


Durometer – Shore Hardness Tester for Rubber, Plastics and Soft Elastic Materials


Qualitest provides quality control departments and research laboratories with an extensive range of top quality Durometer and hardness Tester for accurate hardness determination on all natural and synthetic rubber products and soft elastic materials, plastics, acrylic glass, acetates, casting resin, polyester, thermoplastics, PVC, neoprenes, hardboards, wood, leather, fruits and much more. Our products provide the highest precision (normally 0.5% or better), quality and craftsmanship, durability, “yet require” almost no calibration in many years after the purchase. Our designs are engineered so that the Durometer stays precisely within the standard requirements. Qualitest Durometers are referred to as the “Swiss watches” among other products on the market. Investing in our line of Durometer is a guarantee of accuracy and assurance for many years of operation.


Gold Tester – Gold / Platinum


The Qualitest range of advanced Gold Testers are the ultimate tools for the jewelry industry, gold & precious metal research labs, jewelry stores, banks, and pawn shops for accurate determination of the carat and purity of gold, silver and platinum.

GKS-300 is the basic model, suitable for gold and can measure the carat of gold specimens weighing between 0.001~ 300g.

GKS-3000 is the top of the line model suitable for gold, silver and platinum with extended weight capacity of up to 3,000 g.

GK-series gold testers can quickly, easily and accurately determine purity of precious metals and gold karat by two weighing (By me asuring the Specific Gravity): one with the piece in a water tank, the other normally. An internal computer does all the calculations for you.

  • Works only for solid metal pieces without set stones.
  • No acid, needles, or test stones needed.
  • Leaves no scratches or stains on your gold after measurements.
  • Wide karat range—from 9 to 24K.
  • Tests other precious metals such as platinum and silver.
  • Also functions as a normal gram scale.
  • Advanced Model GKS-3000 can measure up to 3,000g, which makes it possible to measure ingots and statues.
  • Gold and Platinum measurement modes are available on GKS-3000.
  • Minimum specific gravity resolution 0.001 g/cm3 (0.0001 g/cm3), high resolution of the GKS-300 allows to measure minimum 2g samples.
  • Purity % and purity K (PT) are displayed at the same time (both GKS-300/GKS-3000).
  • GKS-300 comes equipped with wind shield.
MEASURING RANGE 0.001g (0.0001) – 300g 0.01(0.001) – 3,000g
REPEATABILITY 0.001g 10 – 2,100g
LINEARITY ±0.002g (±0.0003g) ±0.02g (±0.003g)
  • Alloy metals
  • Water-temperature
  • Calibration
  • Auto-weight
  • Alloy metals
  • Water-temperature
  • Calibration
  • Auto-weight
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • White gold
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • White gold
  • Purity
  • Percentage
  • Specific gravity
  • Purity
  • Percentage
  • Specific gravity
WEIGHT / DIMENSIONS 2.8kg / 260 x 190 x 200mm 4.2kg / 260 x 240 x 240mm
POWER SUPPLY AC 100 to AC 230V AC 100 to AC 230V
OPTIONS Compact printer Printer, Airtight wind shield


  • Gold (Low, K9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24)
  • Percentage (%)
  • Density
WEIGHT / DIMENSIONS 1.54kg / 218 x 190 x 170mm
OPTIONS Printer AD-8121B, Airtight wind shield

Portable Digital Microscope


The World’s Finest Portable Digital Microscope with 2,300,000 Pixels

The new DG-3 portable digital microscope, features a large 3.5 in. LCD, calibratable measurement bars, image preview mode which saves disk space, and 2x button to insure a good focus.

The 3.5 inch LCD makes viewing much easier, measurement (micron) bars can be calibrated for each lens and imbedded in the image, the preview mode allows the viewer to discard images before they are burned to the removable CF memory card, and its new 2x button allows for immediate digital magnification of the image. The DG-3 has optional lenses from 25x to 1000x. The premier lens would be the 25x to 200x parfocal zoom lens which makes it easy to magnify the exact item you would like to view in a broad range of magnifications.

The strength of the DG-3 Portable Digital Microscope is its extreme portability. It can be used in the field, in the factory, in a fuselage, on animals, pipes, PCB’s, and nearly any material requiring quality control or non-destructive testing.

Quality Magazine – June 27, 2007

The DG-3 Digital Microscope features a 3.5-inch LCD panel for easy viewing as well as measurement (micron) bars, which can be calibrated for each lens and embedded in the image. Preview mode allows the viewer to discard images before they are burned to the onboard memory card. In addition, a 2X button offers immediate digital magnification. Optional lenses cover a magnification range from 25X to 1,000X.

These features make the portable microscope valuable for quality control (QC) applications. For example, it can capture a stress crack before it ruptures and, of course, documentation is a critical part of QC. Also, this portable instrument serves as a microscope, digital camera and monitor, all in one. And, because it is digital, images can be sent via e-mail.

The DG-3 is a 2.3-megapixel (Mp) microscope that offers portability to meet applications in the factory or the field. It is powered by a lithium ion battery for 1.5 hours of continual use; the battery recharges in the same amount of time. Images are saved to a memory card, which holds 580 images in Normal mode and 310 images in Fine mode. All images are high-resolution JPEGs.

2.3MP High Resolution

The 2.3MP high-resolution CCD Increases the accuracy at analysis gathered from observations in the field for research and development applications. With its brilliant monitor, the image quality is truly state of the art.

Light and Easy to Carry

The DG-3x is light and compact. At a mare 490g, it is the lightest self-contained portable microscope in the world. Its lithium-lon battery provides for I.5 hours continuous use. An A-C adapter comes in standard for extended In-house use.

Touch and View

Recording is as easy as bringing the lens Into contact with the subject Subjects that defy transportation, disassembly, removal or processing can thus be digitally captured for subsequent analysis.

CF Card for Data Recording

A CF card stores recorded JPEG images for subsequent transfer to computers, printers and other external devices. Enhance your reports with striking images when text alone will not suffice.

2X Zoom and Focus Bar for Easy Focusing

The DG-3x has two functions which will help anyone produce perfectly focused images. It has a 2x button that will help you to check for clarity of the Image pr1or to capturing it as well as a digital focus bar that indicates the sharpness of the images.

Scale and Magnification Displays

The monitor displays scale and magnification. These values may be recorded on the Image to preserve your findings.

A Full Line of Optional Accessories

A wide variety of lenses with different magnification and illumination features make it possible to build an observation system that is perfectly tailored to specific imaging needs. The microscope is C-mount compatible in order to accept e broad range of C-mount lenses, endoscopes and microscopes. We also provide a variety of stands to help insure you get just the right image.

DG-3 Digital Microscope Basic Set

  • Camera body (with LCD monitor)
  • Litium-ion rechargable battery
  • Battery charger (also an AC adaptor)
  • CF Memory Card (256 MB)
  • C Mount adaptor
  • DC Cable
  • Video Cable
  • Special carrying case

Technical Specifications

Image capture element 1/1.75 inch interlace scanning CCD

(Aspect ratio 3:2, RQB original color filter square pixel)

Pixels Total pixels approx. 2.3MP (1901 (H) X 1212 {V))

Effective pixels approx. 2.19MP (1818 (H) x 1208 (V))

Mount Scalar 00 mount (C-mount compatible with C-mount adapter attached)
Storage CF memory card

NORM mode : 1792 X 11 84 pixels, approx. 500 kb

FINE mode: 1792 x 1184 pixels, approx. 900 kb

ZOOM mode : 886 X 596 pixels, approx. 500 kb

CF memory card

Number of recordable Images

NORM mode: approx. 638 Images with 258MB card

FINE mode : approx. 283 images with 258MB card

ZOOM mode : approx. 638 images with 256 MB card

Monitor 3.5 inch 230,000 pixel TFT LCD (980 x 240 dots)
Video Output NTSC
Video Out Terminal 3.5 mm monaural jack (LCD monitor side)
REMOTE Terminal 2.5 mm stereo jack (doubles as external flash synch)
DC IN terminal EIAJ standard type=2 DC jack (center plus)
Light Switch Light A, light B interchangeable
Output voltage 5V, maximum output current 250ma
Input voltage 6.0 V DC ±5%, 1A; battery operation: 6.0-7.2 V DC ±5%
Power consumption Approx. 6 W (microscope only)
Battery running time Consecutive monitor use: 1 to 1.5 hours

Consecutive recording: 1 hour

Weight Approx. 370 g (microscope only)

Approx. 490 g (with batteries and CF card)

Dimensions 98 x 201.5 x 68 mm
Operating environment 0 to 40 °C
Storage environment -10 to 55 °C
Operating and storage humidity 30-85% (no condensation)

Portable Metallurgical Microscope


SM 500 Metalloscope is a self-contained portable metallurgical microscope ideally used for metallographical inspection of metals in laboratory or in-site. With fully handheld design and unique magnetic stand, SM 500 can be mounted directly against the surface of ferrous metals at any angles for non-destructive examination on flat,curved as well as other complicated surfaces.

SM 500 also can be used with digital camera or CCD image processing system to download metallurgical image on to PC for data transfer, analysis, storage and printout.


Microscope: 100-500X (extendable 1500X)
Eyepiece (largeview): 10X, 12.5X (extendable15X )
Objective : 10X, 40X, (extendable 100X)
Photo Objective : 15X
Slideway : X-direction 15mm, Y-direction12mm
Camera : 35mm
Illuminator: 6V 15w
Power supply : 110V or 230V 50/60Hz – Please specify when ordering
Stand : On-off magnetic stand
Size : 210×160×95mm ( 8.2 x 6.3 x 3.75 “)
Weight : 2.5kg – 5.5 lbs


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