Hygrometer (Dry & Weight) Mason’s type, England


Dry & Weight Hygrometer Mason’s type


Psychrometer or Whirling Hygrometer or Sling Psychrometer,1%— 97%RH, Zeal



Generic Zeal Sling Or Whirling Psychrometer England is spun using the folding swivel handle. These psychrometers area unit getting used to living ratio and additionally equipped with mounted on a plastic frame, plastic handle, water reservoir-water proof iron artifact soft carrying case with nylon.

String & hygrometric tables Weather observers can use a sling Psychometer to measure the amount of water vapor in the air – that is, its humidity.

It consists of 2 glass thermometers containing a liquid.

One measuring instrument measures the air temperature whereas the opposite one measures the wet-bulb temperatures.After the wick is unfit in H2O, a weather observer whirls the sling hygrometer around, using the handle.

As the instrument is whirled, water evaporates from the wick on the wet-bulb thermometer and cools the thermometer.

The thermometer cools to very cheap price potential during a jiffy.

This value is known as the wet-bulb temperature. The drier the air the additional the measuring instrument cools and therefore, the lower the wet-bulb temperature.


Humidity Range: 1%— 97%RH

Humidity Division: 1%

Humidity Accuracy: 1%

Temperature Range: 20 – 120°F/-5 – 50°C

Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg): 1lb (0.5kg)