Tensile Strength tester (Electronic), Premier



Tensile strength: The maximum tensile force developed in a test specimen before rupture on a tensile test carried to rupture under prescribed conditions. Tensile strength is the force per unit width of teste specimen. Tensile index:The tensile strength in N/m divided by gramage Stretch at rupture:The maximum tensile strain developed in the test specimen before rupture in a tensile test carried to rupture under prescribed conditions.The stretch is expressed as a pecentage, i.e., one hundred times the ratio of the increase in length of the test specimen to the original test span. (TAPPI T494)

A test piece is clamp between two jaws the upper clamp starts moving at a specified velocity. Without slipping and pulling apart so that the breaking occurs the maximum load at which the sample breaks measured on a digital panel meter using precision load cell method. The Tensile Tester is intended for determining the tensile strength and stretch at break of the paper, board, metal foil, textile and plastics. – with Digital Display of breaking peak load and peak stretch complete with memory for retaining peak value, automatic or normal zero setting, overload and over travel protection facilities.


Measuring Range: 0-500 N with 0.1 N

Elongation : 0-300 mm with 0.1 mm

Display: Digital with peak hold.

Jaw seperation: 0 – 300 mm.Through precision lead screw

Clamping width: 15 mm stainless steel clamp with non slip grip.

Clamping length: 10 – 200 mm Manual / adjustable.

Cross head speed: 5 – 200 mm /min. variable straining speed through calibrated potentio meter. Fast return of cross head at maximum speed.

Accuracy ± 1% of reading down to 10% of the load cell capacity

Cast aluminium body with M.S. fabricated support. Loadcell overload protection preset to stop motor at 120% overload. Strain, Stop and return panel controls.

Applicable Standards

ISO 1924/2, SCAN P38,TAPPI T 494, CPPAD 34


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