Thermal conductivity test apparatus, ESMC, India


Compliance Standards

IS : 3346 1966, ASTM C177

Brief construction details

EIE Thermal Conductivity Apparatus is designed to determine Thermal Conductivities of insulating materials in the form of slabs. The Apparatus consists of main central heater sandwiched between the test specimens. Cooling plates are provided on the either side of the specimen. Single identical specimen are Clamped between heaters and cooling plate. Ring guard heater ensures Unidirectional heat flow through specimen.

Salient Features : (For single specimen testing)

  • EIE thermal conductivity test apparatus by guarded hot plate method is based on the steady state method and is able to measure 30 cm x 30 cm test samples having thickness ranging from a 50 cm to 10 cm.
  • Design concept according to Indian Standard (IS : 3346 1966) and Applicable ASTM Standard ASTM C177
  • External body is manufactured from Mild steel material, which is powder coated in attractive shades.
  • Specimen to be tested is placed in chamber such that it gets sandwiched between two heat flux sensors as per ASTM C177 guidelines.
  • Unit is equipped with 5 different thermocouples for temperature measurement on both sides of the test specimen and guard heaters. (In total 10 thermocouples)
  • Cooling is obtained by in built refrigeration system, which provides efficient cooling temperature as per test requirement.
  • Emerson / Kirloskar make or equivalent refrigeration system (CFC Free)
  • 7” touch screen HMI & PLC Operation
  • Linear movement (UP & DOWN) for height adjustment with the help of linear actuator
  • Facility to feed dimensions of the samples to calculate the K-value.
  • Direct reading of K-value in w/m k (No further calculation required)
  • High temperature fiber glass box Insulation (8 mm thick) along with glass wool bag Insulation around set up
  • Complete panel mounted electrical controls and measurement. All control accessories are within reach.
  • Can also be supplied with dedicated PC Software to log, modify and analyze the measurement results (Optional – see optional accessories)
  • Suitable for industrial applications such as Thermal conductivity measurement of AAC Blocks, Concrete slabs, Dimensional stones, marbles etc.

Technical Specifications

Temperature range: 10 ° C to 200 ° C
Thermal resistance range: 0.1 ~ 8.0 m2K/W
Co-efficient of thermal condu : 0.1 – 2 w/mK
Repeatability: 0.5%
Accuracy: ± 1 – 3 %
Plate temperature control: Through mini-chiller system
Refrigerant: Refrigerant R134a – CFC Free
Refrigeration Make: Emerson/Kirloskar/Danfoss make (Reputed brand)
Hot plate dimensions: 310 mm x 310 mm
Hot plate thickness : 4 mm
Hot plate material : Copper
Central Heater capacity: 500 watts, sandwiched between two copper plates
Central Heater dimensions: 150 mm x 150 mm
Central Heater plate material: Brass material
Ring Guard Heater capacity: 1500 watts between two copper plates
Ring Guard Heater dimensions : 306 mm x 306 mm
Cold plate dimensions: 310 x 310 mm
Cold plate thickness: 1.2 mm
Cold plate material : Copper
Test specimen size : 30 x 30 x 10 cm3
Operation on: 230 Volts, 50 Hz, AC Supply

Optional Accessories At Extra Cost

Dedicated PC software to log, modify and analyze the measurements results

Thermal conductivity test apparatus for AAC blocks ASTM C177, Thermal conductivity test apparatus

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