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Exicycler Thermo Cycler

Thermo Cycler (Exicycler and MyGenie)

$1,000,000.00 – $1,150,000.00


Multiplexing with four different fluorophores and reproducible results

Multi applications for DNA, RNA and virus copy number quantification or qualitative analysis,

target identification, genotyping etc.

High sensitive and wide dynamic detection range and self diagnostics for system maintenance

High resolution and useful melting curve analysis for target identification

Simultaneous fluorescence detection and high throughput processing of sample in well plates

Broad range of excitation and emission wave lengths

Uniform and exquisite thermal gradient


Model Exicycler MyGenie 
Sample capacity 96 well 20-50ul 96 well 0.2ml tube
Heating & Cooling Peltier
Temperature range 4C – 99C
Operation temperature 15C – 30C ±0.3C
Lid temperature 90C – 120C
TempfTime increment 9.9C/60sec
Operation humidity 20% – 80%
Gradient range 40C-75Cin 1C – 20C
Ramping range Max.2.5C in 0.1 C/sec
No.of program/steps 150/40
No.of repeated cycle 99
Display PC Monitor by user 20 x 4 Characterl LCD
Operation system MS Window XP 20 Keypad
Communication port USB2.0 RS2.32
Power source 110f220VAC,50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 355x540x470(mm) 238x235x297(mm)
Weight (Kg) 30 8
Light source UHP short arc lamp 120W
Detector 2DCCD
Excitation filters 5 sets 490-640nm
Emission filters 5 sets 520-670nm

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